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It’s a cranky Libra Moon today . . .

Our interactions with those closest to us could be rather volatile today. Whenever the Moon is in Libra our one-on-one relationships are highlighted and our feelings about those could go from upbeat this morning to tense this afternoon, early evening. It is the fading Uranus-Pluto square causing stress the latter half of the day. Overly controlling behaviors (Pluto) may cause a sudden pulling away (Uranus). Practice being respectful and kind to your significant other please. Thank you.

The Moon’s movement around our natal charts gives us opportunity to observe what happens when hard natal aspects are triggered. If our natal aspects are already under stress from Uranus or Pluto, those will be affected once a week when the Moon is in the Cardinal signs. Even if the natal planet affected has only benign aspects, if it is under fire from either Uranus or Pluto then the Moon conjoining it will be noticed. It does give us a chance to see how we’re handling the larger issues, for better or worse.


Cancer Moon + Uranus sq Pluto Discomfort

Frazzled Cat

Let’s face it . . . today does not start off on the most cheerful note. Whenever the Cancer Moon runs afoul of Pluto and Uranus, emotions run high and the grumpies abound. Family is both a source of angst and comfort now. The emotional tides subside midday when the Moon goes void-of-course following a sextile to Mercury in Taurus. On the plus side, Mercury in Taurus is sextile Chiron in Pisces today and someone’s kind words may help speed the emotional healing process.

Of the four cardinal Moons, the super sensitive Cancer Moon probably has the most difficulty handling the Uranus-Pluto square. The Aries Moon blows up but also recovers quickly and moves on. The Libra Moon is capable of rationalizing just about anything in an effort to restore peace while the Moon in Capricorn goes all stiff upper lip and shuts down. These weekly upsets will gradually taper off as each lunar month passes and Uranus pulls away from Pluto.

Rather than going out to play tonight, wait until tomorrow when the Moon is in fun-loving Leo. Flirtatious Venus in Gemini is inconjunct an uptight Pluto in Cappy today opening the door to disapproving comments and jealousy.


New Moon in Aries, April 18, 2015

new moon 350px

This New Moon may be at 28° 25′ Aries on 18 April 2015, 11:57 PDT and fire may be the dominate element at the moment but there are clearly changes afoot. I have the impression the Universe is about to inform everyone it is time to quit dashing from one crisis to the next and start living in the present.

First off we are almost at the end of Aries season and the closest aspect to the luminaries is a wide, out-of- sign inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius . . . an aspect asking both the Aries Sun and Moon to slow down some. Then Mars, Aries’ ruler, is in stubborn, practical Taurus who is in no hurry no matter what the emergency is.

Mars in Taurus has plenty of support from other planets including a waxing trine to Pluto in Capricorn, a conjunction to Mercury and a waning sextile to Neptune in Pisces. All together this suggests the need to take some time to evaluate our current position carefully. For instance how are we sitting financially? Do we need to concentrate on consolidating our assets or perhaps look for better paying work? Do we need to do repairs to our homes? Taking care of what we already have is far more important than rushing out to acquire more which is something Jupiter in Leo disagrees with (Jupiter squares Mars-Mercury). Neptune in Pisces contributes the desire to put the needs of our loved ones before our own.

Sweet, lighthearted Venus in Gemini is in the process of pulling away from a challenging opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. While Saturn can have a stabilizing effect on Venus, it also tends to take much of fun out of life for her. In her desire to break free and play, she may be tempted to go too far in the other direction and a waxing square to Neptune in Pisces encourages this. Whenever Neptune aspects Venus, boundaries fade and illusions arise. What seems wonderful and special in the moment can fade away like fairy gold in the morning sun. Enjoy but be careful when selecting your playmates.

Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square is still hanging around but receives far less juice than it did on the Full Moon in Libra for which I am exceedingly grateful! Now that Pluto has stationed retrograde, Uranus will pull away from the square more quickly.

The Aries New Moon offers us once last opportunity to celebrate the joyfulness and creativity of fire before we begin our journey through Taurus Country. This is a natural transition and a very welcome one. Use the New Moon to process the last month or so in order to make a fresh start focusing on the tangible side of life. One thing Aries does well is set us on the path forward . . . time to get moving!

Image: © Terrance Emerson | Dreamstime.com


Capricorn Moon is touchy today + Venus in Gemini

Volcano erupts

Today is this week’s Cardinal Moon cranky day. The Cappy Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus in Aries the first part of the day, causing control issues to come out of nowhere. Tempers flare then settle down only to flare up again this evening when the Moon squares the Aries Sun. *sigh* Do the best you can to avoid stepping on people’s toes.

Good news for air sign folk! Today Venus leaves earthy, comfortable Taurus for airy Gemini in the morning. Curious, flexible and fun are all good words to describe this Venus. Flirtatious words abound. Enjoy!



Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, April 4, 2015


I have to admit I groaned when I looked at the chart for the Lunar Eclipse at 14° 24′ Libra on 4 April 2015, 5:06 AM PDT. For those of us who have personal planets in the mid-degrees of the cardinal signs, this lunation hits us one more time with all the Uranus-Pluto square issues of the past year. To be sure, this is the last lunation where both Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn take part in the action. By the time the Sun is in Cancer, Uranus will have pulled far away from Pluto so we will be dealing with them one at a time. Nice change!

The Aries Sun is conjunct Uranus in Aries, the South Node with Mercury in Aries hanging on the edges. This stellium is squared by Pluto in Capricorn and opposes the Libra Moon-North Node combo. Once again we look to the North Node in Libra for the best ways to handle any conflicts that emerge, and with the Aries Stellium in total Uranus “my way or the highway” mode we will need to keep a cool head. Libra’s favorite tools are cooperation and compromise in order to find a solution that is fair for all parties. A lot depends on how willing the Powers That Be (Pluto in Capricorn) are to engage in some kind of dialogue. If anyone can get them to the table, it is Libra.

What won’t be very helpful is the semi-sextile from Neptune in Pisces to Mercury in Aries. In this case, Neptune may confuse matters more than bring a sense of compassion. Mercury in Aries is noted for leaping to conclusions and brushing shoulders with Uranus may make this much worse than usual.

I’m unsure whether or not Jupiter in magnanimous Leo forming harmonious aspects to both luminaries will provide support or cause mischief. This Jupiter is especially prone to exaggerating matters to draw attention and create the drama it thrives on. Mark that one a wait and see.

I do like having both Venus and Mars in matter of fact Taurus. Venus is unaspected and Mars is inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. What this says to me is neither is going to add more fuel to fire but rather encourage those who would rather focus their attention on more practical concerns to do so.

What we might experience on this Full Moon is a sense of been there, done that and have no desire to go back again. Some are simply exhausted and others may have come to the realization it is time to finally shut the door on the past for once and for all. Pluto’s scorched earth policy seldom leave much behind thus ensuring the only way to go is forward. Fire and air signs may want to continue fighting but earth and water folk are out of there. Time to move on!