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Aquarius Moon Adds Air



Moon arrives in Aquarius first thing this morning, adding air to the sky and a degree of emotional detachment. The effects of the Mercury-Saturn square linger for while today so it might take more effort to communicate.

Today is the last exact Uranus-Pluto square! The effects of this annoying aspect will linger of course . . . aspects between slow moving outer planets change very, very slowly. There is a massive amount written about this square as a quick search will reveal. Some of the predictions were far more accurate than others. Me, I’ll be delighted to see this one fade into the past even though Pluto will continue to plague my Moon on and off for another year or so. :-)

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Week of March 16, 2015


Monday brings an event we have all been waiting for, the final exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn at 15°. These two planets will remain at 15° until March 30 when Uranus begins to pull away. Pluto is going to station retrograde on April 16 and will end up spending a little over three months at 15°. However without Uranus to agitate matters, Pluto will likely go back to quietly forcing us to deal with our dark side over a period of years with far fewer alarms and excursions.

A more immediate concern on Monday is Mercury in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The source of annoyance can stem from the fire side demanding explanations and the water side being completely evasive. Pisces can do evasive forever and since Mercury is cheerfully heading towards conjoining Neptune in Pisces midweek, I’m guessing its ability to throw up a smokescreen will be quite effective. It makes more sense to let people figure out what they want to say at their own pace.

I have very good news for Taurus and Libra folk! Venus leaves arid Aries for the fertile fields of Taurus on Tuesday where she is completely at home. Taurus is into the simple pleasures like fine wines, plentiful good food and the food of the gods, chocolate. Show your appreciation for your favorite Venusian by making their favorite dessert or their comfort food of choice. By the way, people with Venus in Taurus have a knack for finding people who love to cook and are delighted to feed someone who obviously appreciates their efforts.

Friday ushers in two major events, a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces followed the Sun moving into Aries, marking the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of a new zodiacal year. The desire to forge ahead is very strong with six planets in fire in the equinox chart. Make every effort this week to wind up important old business because what isn’t completed will probably get lost in noise and confusion of Aries Season.

Neither Venus in Taurus nor Mercury in Pisces is going to be very happy on Saturday. Venus is inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter in Leo. Please keep in mind not everyone is an extrovert and plenty of us prefer quiet surrounding with generous amounts of solitude. It won’t hurt to respect these differences, OK?! A sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday adds a note serenity which ought to be good for mending fences.

The Moon starts the week in detached, airy Aquarius, very good for maintaining a sense of perspective and seeing the larger picture. On Wednesday she enters retiring Pisces and remains there until early Friday. Focus on doing some internal housecleaning in preparation for the New Moon and the equinox. New beginnings are most successful if we aren’t weighed down by excess baggage. Friday and Saturday belong to the Aries Moon and will be good for setting priorities for what lies ahead. Sunday is truly a day of rest after the Moon arrives in placid Taurus first thing in the morning. Relax and rest up before new week begins.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 20, 2015

These New Moons landing on the anaretic degree send a unique message because they combine endings and beginnings all wrapped into one lunation. This is a particularly potent lunation because it is a Solar Eclipse as well as a New Moon at 29° 27′ Pisces on 20 March 2015, 02:36 AM PDT. One way of looking at this lunation is we must make a clean break with the past in order to make a fresh start.

Both the Sun and Moon make the transition from watery Pisces to fiery Aries within a few hours after this lunation. We go from standing in the cool, damp shade out into the hot sun so quickly it will probably be disorienting for many. The New Moon chart is dominated by earth and water signs, exuding a quiet, patient energy.

The only aspect the luminaries make is a wide out-of-sign trine to Saturn in Sagittarius which produces more dissonance than harmony. Impatient, blunt Sagittarius can step all over Pisces’s toes without realizing it. Saturn is also inconjunct Venus who has recently arrived home in one of her comfort zones, Taurus. I would say Saturn in Sagittarius better be prepared to sit down, shut up and relax already. Neither Taurus nor Pisces will be hurried.

Mercury is still widely conjunct Neptune in Pisces, sending messages through our dreams and visions. This combination is extraordinarily difficult to pin down and will avoid giving a direct answer if at all possible. Go with your initial intuitive response when confronted with a choice. In order to hear this subtle voice, we may need to quiet our busy minds first with mediation of some kind.

Of course, the Uranus-Pluto square is still within orb though the trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo is now beginning to fade. Jupiter is the apex of a Yod with Pluto in Capricorn sextile Mercury in Pisces as the base. The message is a variation of the one to Saturn in Sagittarius, and that is to set the ego aside and listen to compassionate yet practical advice.

After making such a nuisance of himself last week when he conjoined Uranus, Mars in Aries travels alone in this chart. This does allow us to experience the positive side of Mars in his home sign. Forthright and self directed Mars in Aries is very good at fresh starts. If you have personal planets and/or an Ascendant between 20° to 22° in the cardinal signs, Mars will happily give you a boost.

Take some time on this New Moon to examine your life. What we take with us from here will be critical to our future success. Exercise some Pisces compassion and avoid self recriminations as it is time to acknowledge and forgive ourselves for being human. Making mistakes is part of the process and usually it means we are engaged in actively living our lives . . . which is what Aries is all about. See you on the flip side!


Scorpio Moon + Mars in Aries = Tension


Lots of pushing and shoving going on today with people insisting they be served first. Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn today. It is my sense this period will produce the most visible results for the final Uranus-Pluto square March 16 since it is Mars stirring the pot. This is direct, confrontational, in your face Mars in Aries after all.

Since my Moon is taking directs hits from Mars and Uranus now, I am striving to maintain my inner neutrality . . . definitely not easy in this highly charged atmosphere. Libras in general can find themselves put in the position of having to takes sides on an issue whether they want to or not.

Contentious, stressful energies flying around today! Be careful out there. Scorpio Moon has little to add other than some emotionally charged words midday when it square Mercury in Aquarius. The Moon leaps into fiery Sagittarius late afternoon which may help relieve some of the tension.

Image: © Gal Or


Scorpio Moon at odds with fiery Mars & Jupiter



Two very different celestial factors at work today: a vibrant, boisterous fire trine between Mar in Aries and Jupiter in Leo against the backdrop of a reserved Scorpio Moon. In the Scorpio Moon’s world the Mars-Jupiter trine is loud, obnoxious and over the top while those two planets see the Scorpio Moon as a wet blanket. How the next few days go depends a lot on whether or not you relate more to fire or water . . . and whether or not the Uranus-Pluto square is breathing down your neck! Join the fun or batten down the hatches, it’s up to you.

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