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New Moon in Sagittarius, November 22, 2014

Road trip! Most of us are beyond ready to escape from the dark intensity of Scorpio and this New Moon at 00° 07′ Sagittarius on 22 November 2014 04:32 AM PST provides the perfect opportunity. Sagittarius loves nothing more than to be heading out the door, eager to explore new places and reach new horizons.

Figuring out where we are going could be a problem because Neptune in Pisces is squaring the Sagittarius stellium (Sun, Moon and Venus). Neptune multiplies creative possibilities and allows us to see all types of marvelous but un-manifested potential. We can end up falling in love with an idea or a person that turns out to be a complete dud once the Neptune generated fog lifts. It is not going to be easy to resist drifting off into dreamland though because the desire to escape the unpleasant necessities of life is going to be very powerful on this New Moon.

Saturn in Scorpio conjoins Mercury in Scorpio and both are sextile Mars in Capricorn. Those planets are going to be doing their best to offer sensible alternatives to all the exaggerated hype flying around courtesy of Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter in Leo. Mercury and Saturn make a wide square to Jupiter while Mars is inconjunct it. Please take note of pragmatic suggestions that come your way because sooner or later you may need them. Terse, cutting remarks designed to wake people up may be all too common as will be humorous attempts to downplay the truth of those remarks. It could get ugly at times . . . a good reason to practice tact and diplomacy.

The ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is strengthening as the next exact square on December 15 draws closer. This one will occur at 12° in the cardinal signs. We know the drill by now. Thankfully on this New Moon, no other planets are within the tight orbs I prefer, and unless we have personal planets or Ascendant from 11° to 13° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), the impact will be less noticeable.

The buoyant spirit of the Sagittarius New Moon promises us the sun, moon and stars along with opportunities to escape our humdrum daily lives. If we can find a balance between keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground while reaching for the stars, we can reap enough inspiration to keep us going through the dark days of midwinter. Because once Sagittarius Season draws to a close on the Winter Solstice cold, hard reality is going to return with a vengeance.

On a personal note: I get hit by both fire and water this time! Saturn and Mercury conjoin my natal Mercury and Ascendant with Jupiter in Leo squaring my Mercury exactly. The Sagittarius stellium is in my first house sandwiching my natal Venus in Sagittarius. Guess I’m going to have a foot on both sides of the fence, like it or not! :D

Mars in Capricorn is in my second house exactly sextile my natal Mars in Scorpio. This ought to be very helpful for coming up with a sound plan of action. I like that because it will help offset all that Sagittarius exuberance and keep me from blowing my budget.

Image:  Trees #6 by Svetlana Sewell


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, October 23, 2014

New Moon: photo by Michael Myers

Scorpio season rolls in with a punch this year . . . a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 00° 25′ Scorpio on 23 October 2014 02:58 PM PDT leads the way. It will feel like diving into a deep, cool pool on water on a hot, dry summer’s day, very refreshing but what a rush!

The last couple of days the Sun is in Libra are predominately cardinal air with a healthy dose of fire before everything changes to a sky dominated by fixed water with a leavening of earth. It will probably take us a few days to a week to adjust to this new landscape, especially for those whose charts are heavy to fire and air. Water signs are going to begin reviving almost immediately as their beings absorb the influx of water, and earth signs too will feel nurtured again.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are tightly conjoined in Scorpio and all three are widely trine Neptune in Pisces. The old quote about a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma seems very appropriate for this configuration. There is a great deal to be learned but the information may only be accessed by being still and becoming quiet within. Unless we take a receptive posture and practice our active listening skills, we will miss most of what we need to know.

This is an excellent time to learn how to meditate one way or another. Since Mars in Sagittarius forms an out-of-sign sextile to the Scorpio stellium, doing a form of moving meditation may work better than sitting quietly. For some people walking or running alone in a natural setting is very effective. Whatever it takes to get in touch with what is going on within is what counts.

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, is beginning to reengage with Uranus in Aries once more as they move towards their next exact square on December 15 at 12°. Between now and then we can see a return of the issues we dealt with last April . . . unfortunately. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 activated these and for many of us there is little choice but to deal with them.

Retrograde Mercury in Libra conjoins the North Node with both sextile Jupiter in Leo at this time. We might find ourselves thinking about our relationships, both past and present, in a new light and with a more positive attitude. A waxing square between Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio provides some much needed ballast and grounding in reality. (F.Y.I. Jupiter and Saturn do not quite make an exact square before Jupiter slows to station retrograde in December.)

As I see it the greatest challenge of this marvelous New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is dealing with the abrupt change in atmosphere. Focus on accepting this new reality. Relaxing and letting go is the key as it was when we learned how to float in the water as children. Continuing to drive forward forcefully simply won’t work as we move from cardinal air to fixed water. I almost hate to say it but go with the flow . . .

On a personal note: This New Moon falls on the cusp of my twelfth house, still conjoining my Libra Sun, with Saturn in Scorpio sitting on my natal Mercury in the twelfth. Twelfth house themes have been strong in my life for months now and I’m hoping maybe this will modify some soon. Perhaps this powerful New Moon eclipse will turn the tide . . . though I doubt it! :)

Mars in Sagittarius does its bit via a sextile to my Libra Sun, bringing a temporary lift in energy and spirits.

Image:  © photo by Michael Myers from his website, The Moon


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 7, 2014


Tumultuous start to the week due to the Cancer Sun squaring Uranus in Aries on Tuesday and Venus in Gemini getting her feelings hurt by both Saturn and Chiron on Monday. Saturday’s Full Moon in Capricorn looks to be another milestone because many people will find they have gone as far as they can on a certain path, for better or worse. No getting around it, we’ll have plenty to think about this week.

The Cancer Sun triggering the Uranus-Pluto square probably introduced us to all kinds of security issues depending on where Aries, Cancer and Capricorn fall in your chart. Since Mars and the North Node are in Libra now, it is relationships of all stripes I vote most likely to be highlighted. Whether it is our relationship with money, lover, spouse, children, boss, coworkers, all types of friends or job, we may need to examine those relationships to determine how big a role feeling secure plays. Are we staying in them because we are afraid of what would become of us if we leave? Or do we stay because we are better for participating in them. If we realize we really, truly want to make a change, then in my opinion the decision must be a mutual one based on input from all parties. Screaming explicatives and slamming the door behind us is a bad idea and likely to backfire. Go the painful but rational discussion route if you possibly can. Probably the most important realization has to do with far more downsides to upsides in staying in place.

Soothing the Cancer Sun after its run in with Uranus are Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Those three form a harmonious Grand Trine on July 8 and offer a path to healing the wounds left by the Uranus-Pluto square. This may take some painfully honest self examination but it will be worth it.

Venus in Gemini has a rocky start to her week but it does end quite well. After running afoul of the water sign duo of Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces the first of the week where she may be sharply reminded about keeping her flirtatious ways within bounds, Mars in Libra gallantly steps up to soothe her wounds on Sunday. By the way, Sunday is the best day for a romantic outing of some kind.

Another celestial change of note is Mercury finally returning to Cancer on July 12-13 after its extended stay in Gemini. Emotions will have much more impact on our thinking and staying objective could be more of a challenge.

Cardinal lunations like the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon are all about taking action and those with personal planets and Ascendant from 20° to 24° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are going to get this message loud and clear. Now is the time to get to work on changing whatever is holding you back!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. :D

Feeling frustrated because no one else seems to get your sense of priorities returns to plague you at the start of the week, Aries. Being tactful may not come naturally to you but you can do it. You also need to maintain a balance between your family’s needs and your career demands now.

Discussions about money matters with your partner may not go well early this week, Taurus, which might result in some hurt feelings on both sides. The situation is best resolved by either agreeing to disagree or taking time to search for common ground. New information may emerge on the weekend to help smooth things over.

Thought you might want to know, Gemini, you have one more week where your mind works like a finely tuned machine. Move tricky problems to the top of your list and get them out of the way now. Take a through look at your financial picture late this week. It’s possible some compromises may mean more to spend on leisure activities.

You might get a curve ball thrown at you on the job early this week, Cancer. Thankfully matters should improve fairly quickly with a disciplined, pragmatic approach. If you are struggling with a relationship issue, talking it over with a fair minded family member could help. Getting this situation resolved one way or the other is important.

Be careful who you flirt with if you are out socializing with your friends at the start of the week, Leo, as it may cause problems at home. Fortunately this situation will probably blow over fairly quickly if your explanations are sincere and tactful. Make up for it next weekend. Be spontaneous!

F.Y.I. if you have unfinished projects at work, Virgo, now is the time to get those wrapped up. Your attention may start to drift next week to the idea of spending more time with friends. It is your relationship with your creative side and your peer group where you might be selling yourself short. Be kind, OK?

One way or another, Libra, you’ll probably in the thick of things again this week. Your tact and overall tough but fair-minded approach to life can be an example to others. The first couple of days this week look to be the most challenging to your equilibrium with next weekend being far more favorable.

While you may not think of yourself as a peacemaker, Scorpio, that is exactly what you might be called on to do the first of the week. When others are losing it, your compassionate side along with your general strong-mindedness should kick in beautifully. These experiences may help you realize how effectively you can communicate.

Family and money issues could make for an uncomfortable start to your week, Sagittarius . . . as they would for most folks! If this gets you thinking about your relationship with money in general and what you need to do to change it, then it is all to the good. Sunday is a wonderful day for celebrating life!

Capricorn, most of you are dedicated to climbing the ladder in your career and you are usually good at it. At this time it is more important than ever to sit down with your colleagues, solicit their opinions and offer yours in return. You know it takes a team effort to achieve the big goals.

Feeling free to express your opinions is very important to you, Aquarius, but you might want to bite your tongue the first few days this week where your coworkers are concerned. If you do step in it and you wish to make amends, a good way to do that may come to you over the weekend.

Pisces, whatever projects you have going where your home and family are concerned that require you to share information frequently are best completed this week. Next week may find your attention being drawn to planning fun leisure activities. Looks like you might get a head start playing this weekend!

Image: © Steel-Eyes


Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12, 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

There is a cardinal Grand Cross on the Full Moon at 20° 03′ Capricorn on 12 July 2014, 04:25 AM PDT, created by the Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, North Node in Libra, South Node in Aries and Mars in Libra. Don’t worry, it is a garden variety Grand Cross . . . nothing like the one back in April with the Uranus-Pluto square. Mars is the only planet taking part in both Grand Crosses and it is on its best behavior conjoining Ceres in Libra and the North Node. Perhaps this time we will be able to finally begin to clearly see the issues we were buried under back in April.

The Full Moon in patient, logical Capricorn stands ready to shine its light into our lives and show us where we need to put in some hard work to achieve our goals. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is sextile the Full Moon and trine the Cancer Sun reinforcing the theme of taking responsibility and doing the work so necessary to success of almost any kind. Since the lunation chart is dominated by cardinal water, taking steps to look after our families while being sensitive to the feelings of those we love is very important.

Ceres, Mars and the North Node in Libra bring out the best of Libra, a sign noted for a strong sense of fairness, equity and a willingness to negotiate a win win outcome for all parties. Of course, all will need to compromise but it can be done. Ceres in Libra knows everyone thrives when they feel their efforts are appreciated and fairly rewarded. Mars is there to see people take the necessary action while the North Node in Libra provides the framework and vision for the path forward. The Aries South Node’s need to go it alone is overruled by the strongly supported North Node.

Ideally, the Libra contingent will be able to work with the Cancer-Capricorn axis to bring everyone together. If we acknowledge the need for individuality (Aries South Node) yet show respect for family traditions, perhaps we can find a way to appreciate and accept how much stronger we all are when we work together as a team. This Grand Cross pattern holds the potential to see each side’s point of view and where they stand. Hey, the first step to figuring out what to do is to clearly identify the problem!

Both Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Cancer are poised at 29°, ready to move into the next sign. By the next lunation, the Leo New Moon, Jupiter will be in fiery Leo and Mercury back in closemouthed Cancer. The semi-sextile between these two planets has a feeling of finality. Check to see where those planets fall in your natal chart to help determine what may be coming to a conclusion in your life.

A trine from cheery Venus in Gemini to Mars-Ceres in Libra promises good things in the love and romance department. It ought to be easy to come up with great ideas about how to make your sweetheart feel loved and appreciated. Share a moment of beauty together or give flowers and a card expressing your heart felt feelings.

Acting as a brake on the Uranus-Pluto square is Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is inconjunct Uranus in Aries and sextile Pluto in Capricorn for the last time and we may revisit issues brought up late last year. Practical solutions based in reality will be the most easily sold to the powers that be. In a sense, Saturn acts as the anchor on this Full Moon, all to the good.

Standing outside of the fray again, Neptune in Pisces quietly swims along at 7°. Unless you have personal planets or an Ascendant at 7° in the mutable signs, Neptune will probably fly under your radar. No bad thing in my opinion!

We may finally be able to make some tough choices on this Capricorn Full Moon. However it would be best if those choices are made jointly. Put all the information on the table and make sure everyone has a chance to say their piece. Be as kind and tactful as possible when presenting your case, especially if emotions are running high. Clearing the way to move forward may not be easy or pleasant but it is necessary. Blessings and Light to all.

On a personal note: Another mixed bag lunation for me with the Sun exactly trine my Mars in Scorpio and the Moon sextile to it. Jupiter in Cancer squares my 29° Libra Sun whilst Mercury in Gemini is trine to it. Since both my Sun and Mars are in the twelfth house, acting on behalf of others continues to be a theme in my life.

Mars and Ceres in Libra are within degree of the midpoint between my Sun and Moon which puts me right in the Libra hot seat! Right in the middle of negotiations!


Riding the Tides of Cancer Season


When the Sun left airy Gemini for the waters of Cancer on the Solstice, June 21, we became much more aware of  an ebb and flow to our daily lives. Just as the Moon affects the tides, so do aspects to the Cancer Sun makes as it moves across the sky.

The first major event for the Cancer Sun is the New Moon on June 27 with the sweet trine to Neptune in Pisces on June 29. Ordinarily a cardinal New Moon usually signals action but this time Mercury is at a standstill preparing to station direct on July 1, so there may be more false starts than true ones giving us the feeling of a slack tide. Besides, no sense in getting in a big rush until Neptune’s fogbank begins to lift and we can see where we with to go!

It might feel like the tide is all the way out, revealing all kinds of debris, when the Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 4. It’s time to take a long look around, pick up our garbage and toss it out for once and for all. Those of us who had a tough April under the Grand Cross are probably very well aware of what needs to go and what we can sensibly keep.

A few days later on July 8 the tide comes rushing in with a vengeance when Uranus in Aries squares the Sun, bringing changes and perhaps an emergency or two. We may have cause to be grateful Saturn in Scorpio is trine the Cancer Sun later the same day and is on hand to throw us a lifeline. However it will be up to us whether or not we grab it. It’s sink or swim time, folks!

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12 highlights why we might be feeling angry so much of the time. The Moon’s Nodes in Aries and Libra create a Grand Cross plus there is the waxing square to Mars in Libra (exact on July 18). Aggressive actions may not be a great idea due to severe undercurrents creating a rip tide. Rather than jumping in with both feet, take a step back and seek compromise or risk getting pulled under. Mars under pressure can cause impulsive behaviors at exactly the wrong time.

Both Mercury and Venus slip into Cancer after the Full Moon and even though neither will conjoin the Sun before it enters fiery Leo on July 22, they will be there in the background providing support from July 12 through July 22. Tea and sympathy anyone?

Something to remember as the Cancer Sun triggers the Uranus-Pluto square is this has been happening every Cancer Season since 2012. I realize the memories of April’s Grand Cross are still quite vivid and we may revisit some of those events. However the Sun moves quickly and is usually more helpful than not, shining light into the corners allowing us to see more clearly than before. Perhaps we can begin to acknowledge, accept and move on. Life does regardless.

Image:  © the-reluctant-dragon