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Observations: Speed Bump Ahead – Mars leaves Aries for Taurus

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We have one week left before Mars leaves Aries for Taurus on 11 May and those who have been enjoying moving at top speed need to prepare themselves for the slow down, while others can hardly WAIT for that to happen!

Mars remains within shouting distance of Jupiter in Aries this last week and is also being cheered on by Mercury and Venus traveling hand in hand in Aries. This is wonderful if you have a chart full of fire signs and/or cardinal signs, making it possible to enjoy this bold, forward thinking energy. If your chart leans towards water and earth or fixed signs, you can hardly wait for this to end.

Riding the Aries energy can be likened to riding a unicycle, staying in motion is what keeps you upright and the faster you go, the easier it is! We’ve been cruising along at a good clip ever since the vernal equinox and have become accustomed to this pace. That’s why it is important to realize when Mars leaves Aries for slow but steady Taurus on 11 May, many will have difficulty keeping their balance and their “unicycles” could fall over. Consider starting to slow down gradually between now and then . . . if you can. It won’t be easy with the other Aries planets urging us to keep up our speed.

I happen to know quite a few people with Mars in Taurus because my Mars in fixed Scorpio is very comfortable with their ideas about tempo and timing. No zipping around lighting fires and starting projects only to leave them lay for Mars in Taurus. They like to do one thing at a time before moving on to the next. Mars in Aries is the hare while Mars in Taurus in the tortoise.

The next step in the Taurus slowdown in when Mercury and Venus leave Aries together on 15 May, and this sweet combo in Taurus epitomizes laid-back and hedonistic. No worries for them!

Which group do you fall in? The one who has loved all this Aries or the one who just wants it all to stop so they can catch their breath.

Check out the Grand Trine in fire in this chart:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Aries – North Node in Sagittarius – Moon in Leo  Those who have planets and Angles at 24° in fire signs get one last super charge! :D



Observations: Musings on Venus Transiting the Twelfth

© Diane Lang

Venus spent a long time, a very long time, in my twelfth house – a little over four months in fact. Even though she emerged and crossed my Ascendant about a week ago, I am just now starting to “wake up”.

I have been paying more attention to Venus the past few years, partly because she does rule Libra where both my Sun and Moon fall and partly because I feel she has far more clout than I had previously given this lovely planet credit for.

Venus is traditionally a beneficent but she is far more than a pretty face. Having a well aspected natal Venus makes a big difference in our ability to interact with others with a positive outcome. People almost always respond favorably to a warm genuine smile, setting them at ease. For instance, a hostess with a prominent Venus in Leo usually has a knack for welcoming each guest and making them feel like the life of the party.

As someone with a twelfth house Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, my first house Venus in Sagittarius works hard to get me interested in socializing. My mom had to track me down and force me to attend social gatherings with the rest of the family. Thing is, when I got there I usually had a great time, thanks to my hardworking Venus.

With Venus in Scorpio parked in my twelfth house, having family here for Thanksgiving and Christmas required a conscious shift of focus. It worked because everyone enjoyed themselves including me. Mercury’s extended stay in Sagittarius and my first house turned out to be very helpful in making small talk. All Venus in Scorpio wanted me to do was turn inward and contemplate the Mysteries.

Another side-effect of Venus meandering through Scorpio was increased indolence. In other words, move in slow motion with plenty of breaks to sit, sip and relax with escapist literature or watch something purely entertaining. Since it was Scorpio, a touch of eroticism was part of the fun . . . a little Laurell K Hamilton anyone?

It is worth remembering Venus represents the receptive rather the assertive, and this particular Venus transit was a good reminder of that. If I didn’t live with Mr. Aries who rarely stops moving except to sleep, I probably would have succumbed to the Venus induced lethargy to a far greater extent.

I would love to hear about others experiences during the past few months of Venus in Scorpio. What sector of your chart was Venus in during her stay in Scorpio and did it seem like all you had to do was sit back and have the “world” come to you? For instance, if Venus spent the past four months transiting back and forth over your Midheaven, did you receive recognition for past accomplishments? Or if she was in your fourth house, did you prefer to entertain at home rather than going out?

If you want some help setting priorities for yourself based on your natal chart, I can give you a hand. Just send me your birth data using the form on this page, make a small donation using the donate button in the left-hand sidebar and we can take it from there. Please state your main issue. Thanks! :D


Venus & Jupiter Direct, November 18, 2010

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In six days both Venus and Jupiter will station direct within about five hours of each other and I can hardly wait because Venus retrogrades gradually wear me down.

The chart for November 18, 2010 finds the Moon in Aries opposing the newly direct Venus in Libra. Perhaps Venus has been biding her time to air a number of grievances she has and will use this moment to do so. With Jupiter and Uranus inconjunct Venus, this tactic may backfire in a couple of ways. Firstly, because Jupiter and Uranus are in sensitive Pisces, so what Venus sees as standing up for her rights others may see as a pity party. Secondly, Jupiter makes it easy to blow something minor all out of proportion.

Contributing to out of control mouths is a conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius . . . yee haw! Fiery Sagittarius is noted for blurting out what they see as “The Truth” and this Mars-Mercury conjunction is almost guaranteed to shoot first and ask questions later. If you are the sort of person who enjoys debating, this will be fun but for those of us who cringe at the thought of yelling matches, it sucks. Big time. Thankfully Saturn in Libra is sextile those two planets and will referee, making sure all parties get equal air time. Popcorn, anyone?! :D

Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius trine Venus in Libra will be there to smooth things over  after the shouting and offer insights into what was behind the differences in opinion. It is very possible information will surface that has sorely needed addressing for quite some time and we may finally be able to start the healing process.

From my point of view as a peace loving Venusian, I recommend exercising as much tact as is humanly possible and avoiding hurtful language because even though it may feel good during the heat of battle, making up after is much easier if one or both parties don’t have to keep apologizing for days. Remember the Sun is still in Scorpio, folks, and Scorpio is noted for having a long memory when it comes to insults and injury.

On a personal note, I am hoping to see my energy start to revive once Venus and Jupiter are direct. Though it is my thought the exact square from Neptune to my Ascendant is pulling me down more than anything and that will be over by November 23. Even having Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius barreling through my first house hasn’t given me much of a boost.


Ask Real Astrologers: Moon's Nodes in Synastry

 Our question this week comes from Jennifer.

How would you recommend someone handle synastry where someone’s planet is conjunct another person’s node? Even though it’s not a romantic relationship, somehow this makes me feel extremely obligated and bound to the person, and I don’t quite know what to do about it. With the people who are bugging me, one has Venus conjunct my South Node (and conjunct their North), the other has Venus conjunct my North Node. Even worse, that one’s my mother. I am constantly irritated with her, but it feels like I’m married to her! I think we reinforce the bad traits in each other somehow.

Libra ponders . . .Neith’s answer:

Jennifer, awhile back I waded through a bunch of family birth dates to look for reversed nodes patterns. The most reversed nodes were between mother and child for some reason. Reversed nodes are not easy to live with, because the nodes represent a strong theme in our lives and in the case of reversed nodes, very simply put, you are going in opposite directions. Most often the child moved far away from the mother as soon as possible because of the irritation factor.

With a planet or planets conjunct a node, they act to amplify the nodal energy. Even Venus, who has a reputation for being pleasant, can come off as cloying. Jan Spiller, in her book Cosmic Love, suggests the South Node person may feel a sense of indebtedness to the Venus person, who is inclined to be overly permissive in this instance. The Venus/North Node conjunction is about helping each other with self-worth issues.

In the case of the North Node/Venus conjunction, finding a balance between being supportive and nurturing oneself may be easier to sort out, because we are usually more detached when it comes to the North Node. However, the South Node/Venus conjunction may take more tact to handle. If it were me, I’d opt for distance. Then, I’m a Libra and not fond of confrontation!

My mother’s North Node was in Libra conjunct my Moon/Neptune. In the end, I had to move out of town for several years to help separate my emotional baggage from hers. We were always close, but it was my choice to keep a measure of distance between us. Otherwise, I ended up feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s what we need to do to preserve our sanity with nodal connections . . . maintain some distance.

Both Pat and I do synastry work (check out our reports on Love and Relationships) and either of us would be happy to offer more feedback based on the rest of the charts of the individuals involved.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s Answer

I’m not sure I can add much to Neith’s response, as she was very thorough. Two things do come to mind, though:

First, a relationship is never based on one aspect, dramatic though it may be. Chances are, you have lots of other things going on between your charts, and these are feeding into your Venus-Node discomfort. If you have to interact with these people on a regular basis, you might want to order a compatibility reading to help you determine where you might be able to connect positively.

Second, while there are often cases of simple “bad chemistry” over which you have no control, that the nodes are involved with these two people tells me that there may be a valuable lesson for you if you stick with the relationship. I believe this is especially true with your mother, since it’s your North Node that’s involved here.

Not everyone is amenable to having heart-felt discussions, and you may not trust them enough to want to reveal your innermost fears and vulnerability. But at the very least, have that discussion with yourself. How do these two people reflect what’s going on inside of you? In the case of your mother, did she project her issues onto you as a child, so that now it appears that they’re yours? If so, might she be reinforcing them? My therapist in the late 80s called this the “family trance.” No matter how much we grow and evolve or how aware we are of childhood programming, when we get back together with family, we’re somehow sucked back into the old patterns.

Good luck, Jennifer!

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Venus in Slow Motion

As I was wandering around looking over my various gardens I realized how much I truly like the slow growing plants. There is a developing area with the succulents ‘hens and chickens’ going into its third year and finally starting to look like what I’d envisioned. My natal Venus is trine Saturn giving me an extra dose of patience especially in creative matters thus my love for slow growing plants.

All varieties of ground covers, especially the very small, low growing types, are enchanting. Yes, it takes several years for them to spread across the ground but they are so amazing and feel so cool to the touch [now that's a Venus in Taurus thing]. Watching the beauty of these unfold in slow motion reminds me of the value of patience, one of Saturn’s lessons. The world we live in seems stuck in overdrive and we can overlook so much of value living so fast.

I was asked how my Uranus square Uranus transit is affecting me and to tell the truth, I haven’t really noticed! Probably because there is much going on in my life now . . . . LOL. That’s one reason I am taking a moment here and there to enjoy my gardens, doing my best to ignore the ones that still need weeding.

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This is a photo of my hens & chickens sloooowwwly growing. Love the colors of these. :-)