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Libra Moon finds her balance today

It will take awhile to shake off the effects of the Libra Moon’s run in with Uranus and Pluto during the early morning hours but the tone should gradually improve as the day goes on. Venus in Aries offers hugs and kisses mid-morning and a harmonious trine to Mercury in Aquarius late in the day promises a much more pleasant evening. Use the calming effects of the void-of-course Moon to get a good night’s sleep . . . needed for what is looking like a hectic week!

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 5, 2014

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The underlying energy this week is calm and centered something most of us need at this time as many are still processing Grand Cross related events. The Sun continues to amble through Taurus with kindly assistance from Jupiter in Cancer on Tuesday and Chiron in Pisces on Wednesday. Both aspects are excellent for helping maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

Air signs have something to look forward to this week! Mercury enters one of its home signs, Gemini, reviving our curiosity and interest in socializing again. While Mercury in Taurus is amazing for dealing with day to day practicalities, it prefers to stick with real world issues and is not easily diverted from those. Gemini, on the other hand, can be distracted by any bright, shiny idea floating by. Bright, articulate and interested in anything and everything is Gemini. People will be willing to stop and chat for a change.

The Taurus Sun will oppose Saturn in Scorpio on Saturday. These two will either operate as a team if someone is foolish enough to attack them or they will argue all day between themselves. Not the best time to introduce something new and different, it is best to wait until Gemini season for that.

Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the USA and with a Venus in Aries-Mars in Libra opposition and Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, family gatherings could go sideways. Mars in Libra is slowing to station direct on May 19 which can bring out its passive-aggressive side. Anytime Mercury squares Neptune there is a marked increase in half-truths and outright lies. If someone starts loading you down with lavish compliments, it might be time to wonder what it is they are really after. Delightful! Simple, sincere expressions of appreciation are always the best way to go.

It is good to be back to facing more normal celestial challenges that most of us can handle with a little forethought and ease. Use this calmer atmosphere to mend fences and take care of business. Please don’t procrastinate either because next week Venus in Aries takes her turn stirring the pot when she aspects the Cardinal Grand Cross planets.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Turning on the old charm comes easier for you now, Aries, and that is a good thing. Use the first part of the week for handling family matters and working around your home because after Wednesday you could find yourself involved in many distracting conversations. No bickering with your partner this weekend!

You are still able to work within your comfort zone this week, Taurus, especially the first couple of days. By the weekend there is a possibility of having a falling out with your significant other. Tread carefully because you know how slowly either of you are to forgive and forget.

Your naturally busy little mind really kicks into high gear this week, Gemini, and you are going to love it! The closer you get to the weekend the greater the likelihood of either inadvertently spreading misinformation or being on the receiving end of some. Fact checking time!

Getting together with your friends and peers the first part of this week, Cancer, should be very enjoyable with long, convivial conversations. However I do suggest being prepared for a less than comfortable weekend if you are planning on being around family. Crankiness abounds and secrets may be aired . . . not your sort of thing at all.

By far the best time to deal with work related priorities, Leo, is Monday and Tuesday of this week. After that you might find yourself drawn into long and involved conversations with your peers about social issues. Friends from faraway places liven up any gathering you may attend too.

Touch base with old friends the first of the week, Virgo, and take care of any unfinished business you may have with them. After that the tempo at work may start to pick up and you might feel like everyone wants a word with you. If something your partner tells you this weekend seems too good to be true, it probably is. Good time for quiet skepticism.

Libra, you stand to benefit from Mercury shifting into airy Gemini mid-week. It’s been awhile since you felt like exploring ideas just for the fun of it. However this coming weekend is a mixed bag for you with Saturday looking quite favorable and Sunday being rather contentious despite your best intentions to stay neutral. Guess what day is better for a date with your partner?

If you want to spend some quality time with your partner, Scorpio, the first part of the week looks great. Meet them for dinner at your favorite restaurant if you can. By the weekend you two could find yourself at odds if you aren’t careful . . . especially where finances are concerned.

Play time calls you now, Sagittarius, and if you are single you may finally meet someone you know will never bore you. Those of you in committed relationships may realize anew what intrigued you in the first place. Be careful about believing everything you hear on the weekend, particularly from family.

If you can take a couple of personal days early in the week, Capricorn, please do. You deserve some down time with your loved one. By midweek communications with coworkers may pick up and you could be back at again. Make family a priority on the weekend to avoid squabbles.

This is a good time to take a look at home improvement projects, Aquarius, that make your home a healthier place to live. You might end up embroiled in conflicts over the weekend between career demands and your family’s needs. Tact is your friend in this instance.

In order to come up with a fresh approach for problem solving, Pisces, engage your inner child. This will work best the first of the week. After that you could be too busy fielding calls from various family members. You might be tempted to prevaricate to shut them up over the weekend.

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Venus in Fiery Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus leaves the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of Pisces today and blasts into independent Aries. She’ll be feeling extra combative during her stay in the first fire sign this year because she’ll be clashing with all the Grand Cross planets, one after another. No pushing this lovely lady around, thank you very much!

There is always a marked change when Venus shifts from Pisces to Aries but this year it will be dramatic. Venus in Pisces had a fabulous relationship with those outer planets in earth and water while Venus in Aries will not, to put it mildly. Aries reminds us to see to our own needs and not give too much away, unlike self-sacrificing Pisces. When Venus conjoins Uranus in Aries on May 15, it is going to be “me, me, ME”!

Before Venus reaches Uranus it will be starting arguments with Mars in Libra on May 11 and frantically seeking to avoid controlling Pluto in Capricorn on May 14. Neither of these two aspects will promote peace, love and harmony in our relationships. May be time to consider taking separate vacations? A little time apart could give tempers a chance to cool and increase the likelihood of making up.

The weekend of May 18-19 finds Venus square Jupiter in Cancer. Venus-Jupiter aspects are usually considered beneficial though the square tends to encourage over-indulgence. Parties and outings on that weekend could get out of hand, so plan accordingly. Since Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct Venus on the following Monday, the consequences may be quite severe. Authority figures of all kinds won’t be in a mood to lessen the punishment no matter how sweetly one pleads. May 19 is also the day Mars in Libra is stationing direct . . . maybe it would be better to spend a quiet weekend at home alone?

As Venus in Aries aspects the cardinal planets involved in the Grand Cross, we could revisit issues and circumstances that pattern brought into our lives. Since this is Venus and the Grand Cross is pulling further apart every day, the effects will be muted and related more to interpersonal relations or financial issues. The week from May 11 to May 19 is when these hot spots will likely occur.

By the time Venus ambles into sensual Taurus on May 28, Libra and Taurus folk will be more than ready to wave goodbye to Venus in Aries. Enough pot stirring for awhile! Time for a nice massage accompanied by the good chocolates!

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for April 28, 2014



Best way to approach this week is by heeding the Zen saying: “Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water.” The Taurus Sun and Mercury are setting the tone this week, aided and abetted by Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Attempting to push back against this tide are retrograde Mars in Libra and rebellious Uranus in Aries, and they are seriously outnumbered right now. When Venus leaves peace loving Pisces for independent Aries on Friday, May 2, she will bring a little more fire back into play.

Depending on your location, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus will take place on Monday or Tuesday. Because this is a solar eclipse where the Moon obscures the Sun, hidden, emotionally based motivations may be revealed, and dealing with those may keep us too busy to invest a lot of time and energy in launching new projects. Let those gestate for awhile longer.

Mercury in Taurus is very active at this time with aspects ranging from an inconjunct to Mars in Libra on Monday, a trine to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday, Wednesday brings a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer and finally on Friday, Saturn in Scorpio will oppose Mercury. Best set aside those marvelous, avant-garde ideas for the time being. Concepts based on a more traditional way of thinking will stand a much better chance of acceptance. Working within the system is more effective at this time . . . especially over the weekend when the Taurus Sun is trine powerful Pluto in Capricorn. Keep budgets lean and mean!

If you are in the process of reordering your life after being buffeted by the Grand Cross and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, take advantage of Taurus’s measured pace and ability to stay firmly focused in the real world. Be sure to allow time each day to be aware of Nature’s rhythms, scents and sounds because therein lies sanity.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Time to take a second look at how your emotional state affects how you feel about money, Aries, as in whether you see yourself as wealthy or poor.

How do you truly feel about the person who looks back at you from the mirror, Taurus? Are you happy with what you see or not.

What have you been hiding from your conscious mind, Gemini? Something significant? Better take a second and third look then . . .

How do you choose your associates and friends, Cancer? Perhaps you need to reevaluate your standards at this time.

Are you happy with your current career goals, Leo, and if not, what stands in your way to making improvements?

You probably enjoy traveling, Virgo, so if you haven’t been heading out recently, why not? Think about it.

As much as you may not want to, Libra, you might have to take another look at how you are dealing with sex, death and taxes. What a combo, huh?

Unacknowledged grievances with your significant other, Scorpio, need to be brought up and dealt with . . . you can handle this. Honestly!

No more procrastinating allowed, Sagittarius, when it comes to revamping your health and exercise routines. Do it NOW!

If you haven’t been taking enough time to enjoy yourself, Capricorn, now would be an excellent time to pencil some down time into your busy schedule. Don’t forget.

Is going back to your roots a challenge for you, Aquarius? Are you worried about finding a skeleton or two in the family closet?

How do you really feel about spending time with your siblings, Pisces? Is it something you would rather avoid? Maybe it’s time to figure out why.

Image: Taurus © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


Observations: Aries Normal

my favorite place to run . . . on the beach.

my favorite place to run . . . on the beach.

© Kimmyrm | Dreamstime.com

Ever since the first of April when the Sun, Venus and Mars in Aries moved beyond the reach of the outer planets, we’ve been experiencing what I call “Aries Normal” . . . active, fast paced and directed.

What is Aries normal good for? For one thing getting off the couch and out the door to exercise! All the fire signs promote activity but none like Aries. The best personal trainer I ever worked with had an Aries Sun and Mars in Leo. The man was a genius at inspiring everyone to get out there and sweat! Knowing I would be meeting with him once a week was enough to push through the discomfort and keep moving. After working with him for several years I ended up in the best physical condition of my adult life.

Aries energy is perfect for initiating new activities too. We tend to be keener on the idea of jumping into a new project rather than sticking with the same old, same old. Today’s New Moon in Aries is especially wonderful for taking the first step of a new venture. When I was writing this week’s horoscopes, I looked at the Aries ruled house for each sign and thought about new starts, etc. Check out both your Sun sign and Rising sign horoscopes for this week.

When the Moon passes through the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) it can get somewhat more intense and we can get edgier but all in all it is more exhilarating than uncomfortable. Those of us with our Suns in the cardinal signs usually enjoy the occasional challenge so this energy feeds us.

Next week the slide into Taurus begins with Venus leading the way on Monday. Mars and the Sun enter Taurus together on April 19-20 . . . a powerful combination. No more procrastinating or you’ll risk losing out on a marvelous Aries boost! Go for it!