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New Moon in Aries, April 18, 2015

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This New Moon may be at 28° 25′ Aries on 18 April 2015, 11:57 PDT and fire may be the dominate element at the moment but there are clearly changes afoot. I have the impression the Universe is about to inform everyone it is time to quit dashing from one crisis to the next and start living in the present.

First off we are almost at the end of Aries season and the closest aspect to the luminaries is a wide, out-of- sign inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius . . . an aspect asking both the Aries Sun and Moon to slow down some. Then Mars, Aries’ ruler, is in stubborn, practical Taurus who is in no hurry no matter what the emergency is.

Mars in Taurus has plenty of support from other planets including a waxing trine to Pluto in Capricorn, a conjunction to Mercury and a waning sextile to Neptune in Pisces. All together this suggests the need to take some time to evaluate our current position carefully. For instance how are we sitting financially? Do we need to concentrate on consolidating our assets or perhaps look for better paying work? Do we need to do repairs to our homes? Taking care of what we already have is far more important than rushing out to acquire more which is something Jupiter in Leo disagrees with (Jupiter squares Mars-Mercury). Neptune in Pisces contributes the desire to put the needs of our loved ones before our own.

Sweet, lighthearted Venus in Gemini is in the process of pulling away from a challenging opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. While Saturn can have a stabilizing effect on Venus, it also tends to take much of fun out of life for her. In her desire to break free and play, she may be tempted to go too far in the other direction and a waxing square to Neptune in Pisces encourages this. Whenever Neptune aspects Venus, boundaries fade and illusions arise. What seems wonderful and special in the moment can fade away like fairy gold in the morning sun. Enjoy but be careful when selecting your playmates.

Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square is still hanging around but receives far less juice than it did on the Full Moon in Libra for which I am exceedingly grateful! Now that Pluto has stationed retrograde, Uranus will pull away from the square more quickly.

The Aries New Moon offers us once last opportunity to celebrate the joyfulness and creativity of fire before we begin our journey through Taurus Country. This is a natural transition and a very welcome one. Use the New Moon to process the last month or so in order to make a fresh start focusing on the tangible side of life. One thing Aries does well is set us on the path forward . . . time to get moving!

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Capricorn Moon is touchy today + Venus in Gemini

Volcano erupts

Today is this week’s Cardinal Moon cranky day. The Cappy Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus in Aries the first part of the day, causing control issues to come out of nowhere. Tempers flare then settle down only to flare up again this evening when the Moon squares the Aries Sun. *sigh* Do the best you can to avoid stepping on people’s toes.

Good news for air sign folk! Today Venus leaves earthy, comfortable Taurus for airy Gemini in the morning. Curious, flexible and fun are all good words to describe this Venus. Flirtatious words abound. Enjoy!



Week of April 6, 2015



Boundaries need to be clearly defined and reinforced this week in order to prevent misunderstandings because the effects of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra may still be lingering. On Monday the Aries Sun conjoins Uranus and Mercury in Aries is trine Jupiter in Leo. To say people will have opinions and be willing to share those may be an understatement. Extroverts with plenty of fire in their charts won’t mind this at all but for reserved, sensitive types this could be hell.

The major player this week is Mercury in Aries. Conversations can turn into arguments very quickly because Aries seldom backs away from confrontation, usually the exact opposite. The trine to Jupiter in Leo on Monday will embolden it as will the conjunction with Uranus on Wednesday and the Sun on Thursday. Only the square to a very controlling Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday will stifle the impulse to say whatever whenever.

There are times in most of our lives when saying our piece is important to our health and well being. This is especially true for shy and retiring people who tend to stay silent rather than let others know what they truly believe. With forthright Mercury in Aries encouraging us to step up and share our thoughts, this might be just what these folks need to get what needs saying out there. Naturally outgoing people are probably going to tilt towards the overbearing side. *sigh*

Stubborn Mars in Taurus encounters Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday. Taurus and Sagittarius have very little in common so this may not be the most pleasant influence. It takes place at 4° and will weigh most heavily on those with personal planets at 4° in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). What action to take and how to go about it look to be the most likely sources of conflict. If no agreement can be reached, you might want to wait until Sunday when Mars is sextile imaginative Neptune in Pisces. Then the solution may appear but only if you relax and let it happen. No pressure!

Two other significant events this week are Jupiter in Leo stationing direct at 12° on Wednesday and Venus leaving earthy Taurus for Gemini on Saturday. Jupiter stations direct on a day when the Moon is in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius giving us six planets in fire. Our attention will probably be focused on what’s to come along with a strong desire to strike out for somewhere new. For many of us this journey will probably be in our imagination but the sense of feeling more optimistic about the future may linger.

As much as I’ve enjoyed having Venus in her home sign of Taurus, her move into bright, capricious Gemini will give us some much need air again. Having planets in air often give us mental breathing room and many of us need that after all the recent intensity. Venus in Gemini’s idea of fun is very different from Venus in Taurus. She loves to flit about chatting with anyone who catches her fancy, no more lolling around eating chocolate. Go out with friends to a party or some other social event, and as long as it’s lively with plenty of interesting people, Venus in Gemini will be happy.

The Moon starts the week in Scorpio which puts it at odds with the dynamic Aries energy. Emotionally reserved, Scorpio is not comfortable with the Aries tendency to over-share. Wednesday and Thursday are fiery days with the Sagittarius Moon in full cry, happily going along with whatever the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries has in mind. Earth and water folk will be pleased to hear the Moon shifts into earthy Capricorn Friday morning. If you have business to attend to, Friday is the best day this week for that. Saturday the Capricorn Moon triggers the Uranus-Pluto square and tensions may creep back in temporarily. Sunday is the more relaxed of the weekend days with an Aquarius Moon playing nice with Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Lots of zippy fire energy livening up life this week. Take time to play if you can and if not, then use this force for achieving your next goal. I have to say this favors those with fire and air in their charts while it may be trying if your chart is heavy to earth and water. Staying in motion is a good plan.

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Full Moon in Pisces, September 8, 2014


Pisces’s ability to emphasize and feel compassion will be on display on this Full Moon at 16° 19′ Pisces, September 8, 2014 06:39 PM PDT due to the Moon conjoining Chiron and a sweet Venus-Neptune opposition. When Virgo know-how combines with Pisces compassion, healing occurs.

With mutable water (Pisces) dominating the lunation chart, people may be more willing to find a way to avoid outright confrontation, a change from recent lunations when fixed water (Scorpio) created the desire to stand and fight. Another factor is Mercury in agreeable Libra who is sensitive and socially aware. This doesn’t mean folks have changed their minds but rather that they may be tired of getting involved in endless disagreements with no resolution. The end result is more peace and quiet which some of us will happily take!

The luminaries are caught up in a subtle power struggle with Saturn in Scorpio supporting them and Uranus in Aries challenging them. Brash, forthright Aries has little use for what it sees as Virgo nit picking and Pisces waffling. It is only interested to getting the show on the road as expediently as possible. In my opinion, Saturn in Scorpio insisting on a slow, steady pace is a definite plus. Accidents happen when we get in too big a hurry and Saturn knows it. Yes, there will be frustration and people stomping around being extremely impatient but that’s OK. Pacing and priorities are what counts. By the way, a waxing trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo could make increase this tendency to want to jump ahead too quickly. All of this activity swirls around 15° to 18° degrees and if you have personal planets at those degrees, you may get caught up in this whirlpool.

Mercury in Libra is another in an unenviable position. It has the backing of Jupiter in Leo but is square to Pluto in Capricorn. My feeling is Mercury will go all Libra and ask for more time rather than make a decision on the spot. Pluto in Capricorn is likely to spout rules and regulations in order to maintain control while Jupiter in Leo is doing its high-powered salesman bit. Poor Mercury in Libra will probably end up looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The workaround here is to do your homework as far as the practicalities go before attempting to promote your ideas, and go with a soft sell rather than a hard sell approach. Thankfully the inconjunct between Jupiter and Pluto is gradually waning in intensity . . . having those two battling it out can get noisy.

Venus is now in Virgo and the opposition to Neptune in Pisces brings out the romantic side of this rather conventional Venus. Demonstrate your love and affection by making dinner or offering to clean the house. Nothing like a sparkling clean home to put this Venus in the mood for love!

For those of you who are not fans of Mars in Scorpio, it is almost to the end of its journey through the powerful water sign. It enters fiery Sagittarius on September 13 and heads out the door without a backward glance. Mars is unaspected on the Full Moon and remains unencumbered for the rest of its stay in Scorpio. Those who have planets from 25° to 29° Scorpio will benefit the most from a nice rush of energy.

Something to contemplate on this lovely Pisces Full Moon is the quiet persistence of water. Water can carve out deep canyons and wash away tons of sand all while remaining completely fluid and adaptable. It seeps in through the tiniest cracks and quenches our thirst on hot days. Love is much the same . . . it can heal the most profound wounds if our hearts are open. Embrace your loved ones and go out of your way to treat everyone with kindness and respect. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

On a personal note: This time the lunar axis aligns with my Virgo Midheaven and Pisces Imum Coli. Mercury in Libra conjoins my natal Neptune and Mars in Scorpio is triumphantly stomping through my first house. Looks like I have an opportunity to be on the side of the angels . . . better brush off my halo and smile real purty! It is “pay it forward” time!

Not all is sweetness and light since Uranus in Aries is sitting exactly opposite my Libra Moon for most of this month. Each day is an adventure and I can hardly wait for it to be over. Exhausting at times and it has been this way since April. 

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 23, 2014


Cancer season has arrived and this is the first full week after the Solstice. There are both pleasant and unpleasant celestial events to look forward to, starting off with Venus leaving Taurus, one of her comfort zones, for flighty, flirty Gemini on Monday. Fire and air folks will enjoy this change because it means fire and air will be closer to equal representation for a change.

Then on Wednesday, Mars in Libra will make its last opposition to Uranus in Aries for which we can all be grateful. It is also the last aspect Mars in Libra will make to the Grand Cross planets because it won’t catch up with Jupiter before it leaves Cancer for Leo on July 16. While this might not mean all the issues we dealt with in April will be resolved, there is a good chance they will slip into the background and demand far less time and energy.

The Cancer New Moon on Friday is a potent mixture of sweet and sour which is bound to give some of us indigestion. It seems to me if we want to make a fresh start on this New Moon, we may have some serious soul searching to do, maybe forgive ourselves and others for causing hurt feelings, etc. Cardinal New Moons do demand action of some kind be taken, for better or worse. A good use of the days leading up to the New Moon is to take care of old business and tidy up loose ends.

Between Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces and the Cancer Sun trine Neptune on Sunday, this week comes to an end on a gentle, pleasant note. We may be drifting a little off bubble but no one will care. Mercury in Gemini is dawdling along preparing to station direct on Tuesday, July 1, making it an excellent time to take the day off and go fishing, literally or metaphorically. Good time too for those folks buffeted about by the Mars-Uranus opposition to begin the healing process.

The relative calm of last weekend stays with us through Monday before the pace picks up going into the mid-week Mars-Uranus opposition. Keep a close eye out for reckless behaviors and drive defensively. After the Cancer New Moon early Friday morning, calm should begin to return for the weekend.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Making assumptions and jumping to conclusions could be classified as reckless behavior on your part now, Aries. Despite how you might feel, your partner and family members really aren’t going to force you to do something you don’t want to do. Good time to practice delayed gratification.

Funny sort of week for you, Taurus, where you may be blind-sided by unexpected interference if you decide to make some changes to your daily routines. Given how much you like change of any kind, this could derail your efforts and that would be a shame. Lend a sympathetic ear to close friends with woes.

On the plus side, Gemini, this week looks very good for your self esteem as you may attract plenty of favorable attention. However be very cautious about getting involved with exciting but dangerous types and be careful when flirting with intent, especially this weekend. Too many unknowns.

Probably the best thing you can do for yourself this week, Cancer, is to give your life a good housecleaning and toss out people and situations that have been giving you grief. That way you can make a clean start after the upcoming New Moon on Friday. You deserve it!

You may be pleasantly surprised by people actively seeking you out at social occasions, Leo, probably because your cheerful face has an extra sparkle these days. However, you might need to bite your tongue a time or two this week because it may more challenging than usual to be tactful and charming.

The atmosphere at work could improve for you this week, Virgo, as those you work with begin to see you in a more favorable light. Be aware you may not be thinking all that clearly as the week progresses and especially over the weekend. Not the best time to make important decisions.

Another tricky week for you to navigate, Libra. On one hand your perspective improves and you can review recent events more clearly, and on the other, you could have problems hanging on to your temper due to other people’s erratic behaviors. Hopefully you will be able to resolve some lingering issues from April.

You don’t mind the occasional change in your daily routines, Scorpio, because it keeps you on your toes but there have been far too many of those recently and it’s getting to you. Maybe it’s time to get out of town over the weekend for some rest and relaxation.

If you end up discussing social injustice with some of your friends this week, Sagittarius, things could get heated very quickly and spoil an otherwise pleasant occasion. Make sure you double check the details if you are planning a romantic get-away this weekend . . . like confirming reservations, etc.

This may turn out to be a very lively week for you, Capricorn, with people needing you to put out fires for them from your partner to your employer or most likely someone at home. Stay calm and ride it out as best you can. Maybe get a little more rest this weekend?

You might have to decide how important it is for you to be right this week, Aquarius. Compromise isn’t always a bad thing and reducing the amount of stress in your life might be worth it. Take another look at your wellness routines this weekend to see how you can improve those.

Impulse buying could get you into trouble this week, Pisces, so do your best to resist going there. A good distraction might be hanging out with your family and getting back in touch with your inner child. Allow yourself a temporary escape from everyday realities over the weekend.

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