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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 1, 2014


What this week promises is a brief, shining moment in time when anything seems possible. Sagittarius is sandwiched in between two dour, reclusive signs, Scorpio and Capricorn, and as a consequence seems to shine all the more brightly. For fire and air folk it brings opportunities to stretch their wings and fly. With the additional planets in fire this year eager to persuade us to believe in miracles, the temptation to run off in six different directions may be irresistible for some. My thought is to enjoy the moment for what it is and not make too much of it.

A fiery start to the week with six planets in the fire signs!! Sagittarius Sun, Mercury and Venus with Moon and Uranus in Aries plus Jupiter in Leo . . . the natives will be restless for sure. For those who have more practical concerns, the productive sextile between Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio on Monday will help. This is a dynamic duo can provide the tenacity and endurance needed to complete any task we need to get wrapped up ASAP. Take advantage of this because once Mars leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on Thursday, the agenda may change significantly. Air fuels fire and may result in conflagrations that could spring up out of nowhere. Aquarius loves a good cause to fight for and Sagittarius will be happy to offer suggestions.

Speaking of fuel . . . Mercury in Sagittarius is trine innovative Uranus in Aries on Friday. This is a very exciting, creative aspect that will light up people’s minds and spirits. The catch is the connection to the Uranus-Pluto square. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are now exact by degree though the aspect won’t be partile until December 15. For those who have personal planets or an Ascendant in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) from 11° to 13°, Mercury may have important messages to deliver late this week. Mercury in Sagittarius is not noted for its tact, so those messages could be harsh, abrupt and opinionated.

On one hand, the boisterous fiery energy this week creates excitement and gets the holiday season off to a bang up start. On the other hand, it can lead people to say and do things on the spur of the moment they may regret later. Fire and air folks will probably handle this well and firmly believe all is fabulous while earth and water folk are more likely to be reserving judgment or be outright uncomfortable with all the brouhaha. I’m in “wait and see” mode myself.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

If there is a rush to judgment, Aries, you will probably feel the pull to lead the way. The bright, highly charged atmosphere could get your blood moving and you may find yourself caught up in a cause or two before you realize it. Remember to stop and breathe once in awhile.

All this rushing about is not to your taste, Taurus, because you know how easy it is to drop the ball and lose track of something critical in the process. What might distract you is a noticeable increase on your time and energy at work the latter part of the week. Do your best to not let the silliness get to you.

Now you, Gemini, love the glitter and excitement of the holidays! You may find yourself spending more time than usual with your significant other and enjoying it. Spontaneous gatherings with your peers late this week could turn out to be lots of fun and very stimulating. Turning off your brain at night may be tough now.

Monday looks like the most favorable day for you this week, Cancer, especially for finishing up projects with your partner, either business or personal. You appreciate their work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile. The latter part of the week may bring extra demands on your time and energy stemming from unexpected events at work. Get plenty of rest.

Unless you have some other heavy transit weighing down your natal chart, Leo, the energy this week suits you extremely well. Your creative drive is turned on high and you might find wild and crazy types appealing now. Please do exercise some discretion when it comes to risk taking because sooner or later this will all wind down again.

Brace yourself, Virgo, because you might find the party is at your house whether you planned it that way or not. Family members are full of opinions these days and not afraid to share them with anyone within hearing distance. All of this may be hard on your nervous system, so don’t hesitate to ask for more peace and quiet.

While you may enjoy all the hustle and bustle this week, Libra, you could find it all overwhelming too. It might feel like everyone has something they want your feedback on, so make them take a number and get in line. Your interest in expressing your creative side picks up late in the week. Just in time to make holiday gifts?

Monday is far and away your best day this week, Scorpio, and an excellent time to make sound, thoughtful choices or finish up old business. Much of your energy these days is focused on ways to manage your money successfully. Some of you may even get a nice bit of extra cash this week!

Savor every minute of this week’s bright, sparkly energy, Sagittarius. You know in your heart of hearts it is as fleeting as it is fun. If you receive an off the cuff invitation from your sweetheart to go out on the town now, take them up on it! You only live once, right?!

Unlike some others, Capricorn, you are probably less than enthusiastic about all the holiday hoopla. Make sure you take advantage of the solid support available to you on Monday to tie up some loose ends because by week’s end you may not the energy you’ve enjoyed the past couple of months.

This is the perfect time for you to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, Aquarius. Getting out and meeting people appeals to you now. Coming up with a clever way to promote your favorite cause looks like a good possibility this week and you may find yourself feeling re-energized again.

The first of this week is a very good time for you to reassess decisions you made regarding your career last week, Pisces. What sounded good then may not be looking all that great now. If apologies are in order, make them and move forward. It does appear this will all go away by the end of the week.

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 24, 2014

Off the beaten path

The prevailing mood this week is upbeat and celebratory for the most part. The Sun is thrilled to be back in fiery Sagittarius and in mutual reception with Jupiter in Leo. Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries give us four planets in fire which will make all the fire sign folk very happy campers. When the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces midweek, we could find ourselves in a state of irrational exuberance . . . so not the best place to make critical life changing decisions. In fact, I highly recommend putting all critical decisions on hold until the Winter Solstice when practical Capricorn comes to the rescue.

The first couple of days this week we benefit from Mars inconjunct Jupiter on Monday and a dour Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio on Tuesday. Advice from these two planets will be incisive, extremely pragmatic and probably will not be what people want to hear. The Mars in Cappy inconjunct to Jupiter in Leo also encourages us to err on the side of caution when taking action. My feeling is most people are going to be too busy enjoying the Sagittarius buzz to pay much attention.

Wednesday is the turning point when the true Sagittarius party begins! That’s when the Sun squares Neptune and Venus is trine Uranus in Aries. The following day Mercury leaves cynical Scorpio for blunt, opinionated Sagittarius, bring the number of planets in fire signs up to five. By Sunday, Mercury in Sagittarius will takes its turn squaring Neptune in Pisces. Did I mention this was an iffy time for making sensible decisions?

Here in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday with family and lots of good food. I am a big fan of this particular holiday, mostly because I love to prepare and eat our family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Pumpkin pie, turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy are all on the table in my house. Many people look forward to the shopping on Black Friday. I foresee plenty of impulse buying this year!

Scorpio Season felt particularly dark this year and the desire to run off and play hard this week could hit some very hard. Choose a “designated driver” or set firm limits to what you can spend before you head out the door so you can have a grand time without guilt. Have a wonderful week!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

This time of year, Aries, you often get a serious case of itchy feet and feel the need to do some traveling. These urges may be quite strong this year and you could find yourself making reservations to head somewhere sunny and warm. Please pay attention to what your boss has to say the first of the week.

Anytime you can sock money away in investments where it makes good interest, Taurus, you feel warm all over. The next few weeks may present plenty of opportunities to take a look at different options. However, I recommend checking those out thoroughly before taking action because some may be too good to be true.

Life is finally beginning to brighten up for you, Gemini, and this is due in large part to your significant other or long time friends. They are more than willing to do whatever it takes to cheer you up and make you laugh. Your own sense of humor comes back on line late this week. Enjoy!

The first few days this week are much more favorable for you, Cancer, though not exactly warm and fuzzy. The next few weeks leading up to the Solstice can be plenty of fun for you but may also wretch havoc with your budget and your diet. Now is a good time to put together a firm plan to handle those obstacles.

Next to the hot, lazy days of Leo Season, this time of year is probably your favorite, Leo, because there are plenty of social activities offering you opportunities to shine. You also love giving and receiving gifts. This week marks the start of all the fun for you. Have a great time!

You may have mixed feelings about Sagittarius Season, Virgo, in part because you usually value your privacy and this time of year often brings family to your doorstep. It might help to go ahead and give yourself permission to have a good time . . . you usually do once you get to the party.

Your outlook ought to improve markedly as the week progress, Libra. People should respond favorably to what you are saying and even laugh at your little jokes. Spreading cheer and goodwill comes naturally to you now. Be careful about stretching the truth in order to tell a better story as this may backfire on you.

You are in the process of slipping back out of the public eye, Scorpio, and this should suit you just fine. Many of your astute suggestions early in the week may be ignored because most people are not in the mood to listen. Take care of your own business for now and focus on things like managing your own budget.

Not much is going to hold you back now, Sagittarius. Your natural optimism has returned in force as has your ability to charm. What you may need to watch out for is over-reaching because your ability to judge how much you can take on is going to be compromised midweek and into the weekend.

Conversations with your associates may not go well the first of the week, Capricorn, as you begin to withdraw and turn your attention inward. It is a good time to contemplate what you have accomplished during the past year in order to be prepared for the year ahead . . . something you understand quite well.

Please make it a priority to put the finishing touches on any important projects at work, Aquarius, before you allow yourself to be diverted by holiday celebrations. Might not be a bad idea to set firm limits ahead of time on how much you can spend for those celebrations too.

Pisces, you may find yourself far more visible at work than usual which can be disconcerting at times because you might not be too sure why. This is one of those times when smiling and saying “thank you” is the easiest way to go. Hey, you probably deserve every moment of recognition!

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 17, 2014

My_Old_Haunt_by_AutumnsGoddess 520

The gloomy atmosphere the first part of the week is due in large part to the Scorpio Sun conjoining Saturn late on Monday night the last time for many, many years. [I think I hear cheering . . .] Scorpio is not exactly a cheerful earful under the best of circumstances; their humor tends to be dry and sarcastic. Having Mercury in Scorpio under pressure from a twitchy Uranus in Aries on Monday doesn’t help either. The “glass half empty” types will be happily spreading rumors and sharing their latest conspiracy theories. Thankfully this is a passing influence and will quickly fade away.

On Friday, Mercury is sextile Mars in Capricorn which is perfect for the pursuit of critical information hidden from public view. This may result in revelations that are bound to make powerful people extremely uncomfortable, not to mention those who made the mistake of cheating on their lovers. Use this energy carefully with purpose and integrity.

The best news is Venus is now in Sagittarius! She simply wants to have a little good, clean fun and if she flirts with someone who is spoken for, give her a break because she very likely doesn’t mean any harm. A square to Neptune in Pisces midweek blurs her judgment even more. Venus in the fire signs often have a certain innocence along with heaps of charm which enables them to get away with behaviors that would be sharply condemned in others. This Venus brings a welcome ray of sunshine into an otherwise rather sober week.

We have a major shift coming this weekend when the Sun leaves Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius on Saturday, the same day as the Sagittarius New Moon. This makes for a clear and dramatic change. For most fire and air folk, this will be a very welcome event and will mark the true beginning of the holiday season.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

It would be a good idea to be patient and tactful if you need to talk to stuffy types like bankers and lawyers this week, Aries, even if it is the last thing you feel like doing. There are happier days ahead for you and getting embroiled in a fight you probably won’t win is not something you need right now.

Be patient with your partner the first part of the week, Taurus, because they may not be in the brightest of spirits. Give them a chance to air their opinions and hear them out without judgment if you can. What might look promising this week are discussions about investment matters.

Dealings with stubborn, uncooperative schedules or coworkers may cause headaches for you early in the week, Gemini. Please do the best you can with all of this. Your significant other could be the person who keeps you sane at this time by making you laugh and see the absurdity of it all.

If you are looking about for something to entertain you now, Cancer, you might find yourself drawn to tragic tales or artwork full of atmospheric effects. If you are looking for sound advice now, you might wish to consult your partner later this week. They won’t steer you wrong.

Dealing with your family members, particularly the older ones, may be challenging the first of the week, Leo, and you might need every scrap of patience you can muster. Hang in there because the hints of better days ahead are starting to arrive and the weekend looks better yet.

Monday and Tuesday could find you with very little to say, Virgo, and that’s probably just as well. You might even have a few moments of feeling blocked all together. This will pass by the end of the week and you could surprise yourself by heading out to do some holiday shopping for your family this weekend.

Your task this week, Libra, is to be a little ray of sunshine and goodwill. You might be surprised how many people will appreciate your cheerful words and sweet smile. Don’t let worries about finances get you down the first of the week because you are probably in a better situation than you realize.

You seldom let a bit of doom and gloom slow you down, Scorpio. You have had plenty of practice soldiering on the past couple of years and may have some good advice to pass on to those in need. If you are looking for ways to improve your cash flow, this weekend may bring some opportunities worth exploring.

Sagittarius, you are beginning to feel the love this week and are happy to spread it around. Putting your best foot forward is getting easier and if you need to make a good impression, you should be able to pull it off. Life gets even brighter on the weekend.

You will handle the more serious, purposeful tone the first part of the week quite well, Capricorn, since that is your natural style. This is a good time to make sure your extended network of friends and associates is working well because after this weekend, you might find yourself needing more private time.

For you, Aquarius, the most pressure this week could come from your career. If you have outstanding projects to wrap up soonest, focus your energy on those because after this weekend the temptation to socialize with your peers will probably increase dramatically. This is usually a fun time of year for you.

Pisces, you could begin to feel the need to start devoting more time and energy to your long term goals and career this week, a change that deepens next week. This should be a generally positive experience and one you will be able to happily embrace.

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 10, 2014


Back into the fray again this week starting off with Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn on Monday and squaring Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. It is vital to remember Mars is very controlled and focused in earthy Capricorn, so people may not be obviously angry. Mars conjunct Pluto acts very much like Mars in Scorpio and one thing Mars in Scorpio is good at is biding its time to exact revenge. Play nice and treat others with kindness and consideration. If you have the Sun, Mars or Ascendant from 11° to 13° in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you may need to exercise more restraint than usual because in the heat of the moment you could take matters way too far.

Another less than fun aspect is Venus in Scorpio conjoining Saturn on Wednesday. Saturn has a way of taking all the fun out of life and when sweet Venus conjoins him, relationship choices can seem very dreary. Those of you who are celebrating your birthdays between November 10 and November 15 will have this conjunction in your Solar Returns. You may find yourself learning towards safe but boring choices in your love life which can destroy relationships from the get go. Thankfully Venus moves quickly and by Sunday, she will leave Scorpio behind for Sagittarius . . . much more optimistic place for Venus to play.

It’s not all gloom and doom this week. Mercury in Scorpio has returned to the degree it went retrograde and is trine compassionate Neptune in Pisces. Perfect aspect for finding the right words to express empathy and caring. By the way, Neptune is preparing to station direct on November 15-16 at 4° Pisces. But unless you have personal planets or Ascendant at 4° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) you probably won’t notice anything.

I suppose the square between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter in Leo on Thursday can go either way. Sun-Jupiter aspects often promote extreme positions and this one is no exception. Some will feel like the economy is picking up and others the opposite. What there will be very little of is middle ground!

Good time to make a concerted effort to practice kindness and forbearance along with generous amounts of tolerance and patience. We may also see the reemergence of issues we dealt with in April or variations of those themes. Be careful and play nice!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

You are a force to be reckoned with this week, Aries, and anyone who is brave enough to cross you will know it. Think long and hard about your long term goals and what you are willing to do to achieve those. Please do your best to avoid being irritable and arbitrary.

Taurus, there are times when you have been known to settle for a less than ideal partnership because it makes you feel safe and secure. This week could be one of those times. Please give yourself plenty of time to consider all of your options. Who knows? Next week you may feel differently.

The atmosphere this week is far from ideal for you, Gemini. It is far too dark and contentious. You may want to focus on making adjustments to your work habits and think about how you can improve your health and wellness routines. Just so you know, there are better days ahead starting next week.

Dealing with your one-on-one relationships could be quite interesting in a rather scary way this week, Cancer. Power struggles are possible bringing anger management issues to the fore. The first half of the week looks especially dicey so tread carefully. You probably won’t be in the mood to play either.

You might run into problems with your coworkers the first part of this week, Leo, that could take some careful handling on your part. If you have home improvement projects you are working on and they seem stalled out, practice patience for now. Next week looks more promising.

The role of mediator may fall to you this week, Virgo, because you have the best chance of coming up with the most workable solutions. Whatever you come up with will probably be simple, practical and firmly based on real world values. Your ability to focus is quite good now.

Striking a balance between argumentative family members and your partner could be very challenging now, Libra. You probably won’t be too thrilled about it either. Control issues are the most likely source of contention and those may not be easily resolved. Drat! Be patient, brighter days are just around the corner.

Like Taurus, Scorpio, you need to be careful about choosing relationships that offer more security than passion. The thing is you know that won’t work for you in the long run. By the way, your words could have an extra edge to them this week, so take care not to slice and dice your nearest and dearest.

Here’s the thing, Sagittarius, you have another week of sitting on the sidelines and watching before you get to have a little fun again. While there are fewer distractions, you might as well sit down and review your financial situation. This is not the best time to take gamble either.

The first part of this week, Capricorn, may drive home to you the need to accept with how angry you end up feeling when you have dealings with some of your family. This has the potential to turn into a major obsession, so you may want to think long and hard about your choices.

Once again, Aquarius, choosing your words with care could be critical, especially midweek. If you are unhappy about the lack of progress in your chosen profession right now, please be patient because this situation won’t last forever. Keep slogging away for now. Next week your interest in socializing may revive.

As much as you may like to do some traveling now, Pisces, it may not be possible. Unexpected expenses midweek may prevent you from attending a social function with your associates much to your regret. The feeling of being put on hold begins to ease over the weekend.

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The Great Escape – Venus in Sagittarius



Scorpio is not the friendliest place for Venus who is much happier with light, bright and cheerful. The intensity and emotional drama Scorpio thrives on leaves her cold and unhappy. Her conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio on November 12, a few days before she shifts in Sagittarius, doesn’t help either. Duty and responsibility make poor bed fellows for Venus.

However Venus hits the ground running when she escapes the dark waters of Scorpio on November 16 for the wide open spaces of Sagittarius. Commitment? Forget it! Venus in Sagittarius is far more interested in keeping her options open and playing the field. To put it simply, she wants to have fun . . .

The first aspect Venus in Sagittarius makes is a square to Neptune in Pisces on November 20 which means denial about the unpleasant side of our relationships can run wild. Not only that but we probably won’t care . . . having a good time with no strings attached is what counts now. Eventually we’ll have to deal with all the messy stuff, just not now.

The following week on November 26 our creativity gets a big boost when Venus is trine innovative Uranus in Aries. Here again the emphasis in relationships is on free and easy. This can be hard on those who are seeking a lasting, committed relationship. If you are, then take heart because this is a fleeting influence and will fade away as quickly as it arrived.

At the beginning of December and the start of the Holiday Season, Venus is trine Jupiter in Leo. If you are on a tight budget, stay away from the stores with all their marvelously enticing displays of beautiful, expensive gift ideas! On December 4, there are two fire trines inviting us to spend, spend, spend – Venus trine Jupiter and the Sagittarius Sun trine Uranus in Aries. Impulse buying could be a real problem for some.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention aspects to Saturn in Scorpio or Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, it is because Venus will not catch up to Mars or Saturn. She will be semi-sextile Pluto on November 26 which might create a brief surge in jealousy that day. After Venus enters restrained Capricorn on December 10, love affairs become a private matter to be conducted out of the public eye.

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