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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 9, 2013

black eyed susans 522© Diane Lang

After having a rather quiet sky last week, this week it is anything but. We have two planets changing signs: Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra and Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio. Mars in Leo goes from feeling stalled out to racing ahead at full speed and a cardinal T-Square is in effect on the weekend. At least we won’t be bored!

The transition from analytical Virgo to fair minded Libra is usually a low key change for Mercury. Mercury does well in the air signs as they are comfortable living in their heads. However Mercury in Libra has some challenges this week starting with an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday when our thinking may be fuzzy around the edges. It is the weekend that is potentially contentious because Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Aries creating a T-Square. People may get very vocal about what they see as a lack of fairness in the system. There could an upsurge of rebellion against the more traditional elements in society.

Venus in Scorpio has a much sweeter welcome for her with a trine to Neptune in Pisces on Friday. Those who are in love ought to be able to tune out the noise and concentrate on having a pleasant romantic interlude. Just don’t talk about religion or politics, OK?

Monday is the exact Mars-Saturn square, so don’t be surprised to see or feel plenty of frustration and impatience. Tuesday may not be much better when Pluto in Capricorn takes its turn thwarting Mars in Leo via an inconjunct. All those rules and regulations you know. Once Mars breaks free of those two and heads for a trine with Uranus in Aries on Saturday, it could feel like a logjam has broken. The only problem might be the cardinal T-Square occurring at the same time. Taking time to think before speaking is a good plan. No sense on stepping on other people’s toes unnecessarily because they might decide to stomp back . . . hard.

Not the most restful week but we may be able to get a surprising amount accomplished as long as we stay focused on what we’re doing and not get caught up in other people’s dramas.

This might be a roller coaster ride of a week for you, Aries. However, taking your sense of frustration out on those closest to you is not a good plan, especially next weekend. You could get an earful from your partner among others.

Dealings with family and your significant other might be your biggest challenge now, Taurus, with the toughest moments coming early in the week. Hopefully matters will smooth out by the weekend and you can plan a quiet romantic dinner with your sweetie.

Your cheerful chatter may take a more flirtatious tone than usual now, Gemini, and if you are single, you may meet someone with whom you feel a strong mental connection. Get-togethers with your peers this weekend are bound to be very lively.

Cancer, your week might start off with you feeling like you can’t afford to play at this time and yet by the weekend this may all change for the better. Your challenge could be navigating family disputes on the weekend. You will probably get an earful . . .

Not the best time for you to be doing home improvement projects, Leo, as those may not go as planned the first of the week. Thankfully for your blood pressure you should see some progress by the weekend. Be aware you may not be thinking clearly midweek.

What may concern you the most now, Virgo, is how you are managing your money. What changes can you make to improve matters in that regard? Creative solutions are possible if you allow yourself to think outside the box. Set up practical guidelines to work within.

Ordinarily you do a decent job of being the peacemaker, Libra, in part because you usually quite tactful. This week may find your ability to practice diplomacy tested to the limits, especially on the weekend. It will probably be your nearest and dearest who set you off.

Career demands continue to demand the lion’s share of your attention, Scorpio, particularly the first of the week. Once you get those under control, you may want to think about doing something nice for yourself like buying new clothes or having your hair done.

If you are traveling early this week, Sagittarius, prepare for delays of some kind. This situation improves dramatically as the week progresses and your weekend looks very good for fun and games. Socializing this weekend with your peers could be filled with many differences of opinion.

It does look like you may end up spending more time than usual talking to various people at work now, Capricorn. The trick will be keeping those discussions civil and productive as the week progresses. Emotions could run high Friday and Saturday.

Butting heads with your partner (either business or personal) over your career is possible Monday and Tuesday, Aquarius, though that situation should improve later in the week. On the weekend you might remember not everyone shares your taste for “spirited” discussions, OK?

You may be in a dreamy mood most of the week, Pisces, contemplating faraway places with romantic settings. Getting together with friends on the weekend can be fun as long as you avoid conversations about your financial issues. That may lead to some bitter arguments.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D

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Observations: Venus in Scorpio – Passionate & Mysterious

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

© Pat Brennan

If there ever was a Venus who knows the value of a little mystery, it is Venus in Scorpio. She has many secrets and most of those she will never share because she is very aware of how this adds to her allure.

Cheating on her is a major no no. Anyone foolish enough to do so deserves what they get and it won’t be pretty. There is a very good chance she will excise you from her life cleanly and completely. If Venus in Scorpio is paired with a Libra or Sagittarius Sun you might get a chance to explain and apologize but Sun in Scorpio? Forget it. Scorpio does not trust easily, so don’t risk damaging that.

Whilst Venus is exalted in another water sign, Pisces, Scorpio is considered her detriment. She rules Libra who enjoys light flirtations, beauty, peace and harmony while Scorpio is inclined towards jealousy, possession and obsession. Exploring emotional extremes is something Mars enjoys far more than Venus. He sees it as a challenge unlike Venus who sees those as a burden.

This year is a good one for Venus in Scorpio because she receives kisses from Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. Pluto in Capricorn has her back as does Saturn in Scorpio though the conjunction with Saturn may not feel like it at the time. Uranus in Aries is the only outer planet she will butt heads with.

The trine to Neptune in Pisces on September 13-14 is wonderful for budding romances. Plan a candlelight dinner for two in a private setting where you will not be interrupted. Venus joins the Saturn-Pluto sextile on September 18 and this aspect favors financial dealings. Good for estimating exact values.

Uranus in Aries is inconjunct Venus on September 20, the same day Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, stations direct whilst exactly sextile Saturn in Scorpio. Rash, rude behaviors will not cut it . . . at all. Helping sooth this aspect is a trine from Chiron in Pisces so perhaps a heartfelt apology will be heard. It is worth a try.

Two aspects bound to generate some excitement for Venus include a trine to Jupiter in Cancer on September 26. Lavish gifts anyone? And a passionate square to Mars in Leo on September 28 may lead to some very interesting moments for lovers. The latter comes with a caution because Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, making it much harder to reach a compromise due to firmly held opinions.

Those of you with Venus in Scorpio natally ought to enjoy your Venus Return this year even if your natal Venus is weighed down by tough aspects. Do something nice for yourself that day.

Venus will remain in Scorpio until October 7 when she dashes into free and easy Sagittarius. This is one of those rare occasions when those born with a Libra Sun will have their Venus in Sagittarius as I do. Venus seldom travels so far from the Sun and in this case, she crosses the horizon behind the Sun, the occidental position. But that is a story for another day!


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 24, 2011

© Diane Lang

The first full week of Scorpio Season offers days with excellent aspects that always have a simultaneous Scorpio “sting”. For the most part it is Mars in Leo’s large ego being held in check by Venus and Mercury in Scorpio – probably pointing out he needs to show some genuine humility before they will let him stick around.

The week starts out with a lovely trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in gentle Pisces. I see this as providing us opportunities to identify our inner wounds and enabling us to start working on the healing process. If there is one thing I’ve learned recently in my own life is it IS possible to improve one’s state of health and well being . . . it just takes time and consistent effort. The ‘sting’ is the Sun in Scorpio irritated by a jittery, impatient Uranus in Aries. We might as well stand down and relax because no one will be going anywhere in a hurry.

A truly beneficial trine between Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra arrives with the New Moon in Scorpio on 26 October. I love harmonious aspects between Mars and Saturn because they are great for making a sustained effort without overtaxing ourselves. Here the ‘sting’ is Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Leo. Lots of sexual tension generated by this one but unless Leo loses his arrogance, he will be sleeping alone. Scorpio will NOT put up with it!

Friday, 28 October, is a very dynamic day and looks very favorable for ending the work week on a high note. Jupiter in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Scorpio Sun plays nice with both of those biggies. The fixed sign catch? Mercury in Scorpio takes its turn squaring Mars in Leo and pushing our personal agendas with no consideration for the other side will get us exactly nowhere.

Best use of time and energy this week is to focus how to use the tremendous potential of the Scorpio New Moon. It is an excellent opportunity to clean up our own acts and a really lousy time to interfere in other people’s lives. No amount of arguing and grandstanding will work right now because folks are not in the mood to listen. Practice patience, tolerance, kindness and respect.

Aries, you will need to gather up every shred of patience you have in order to deal with people moving at what you consider a snail’s pace. Turning up the volume will get you more dirty looks than results. Slow down and practice patience!

You love the pace this week, Taurus, and welcome the opportunity to explore all your options in depth. The only fly in the ointment might be some fireworks at home. Better warn your nearest and dearest nothing will change your mind!

It wouldn’t hurt you, Gemini, to tone down the rhetoric and refrain from coming across as arrogant when conversing with coworkers because all that will do is get their back up. You can sweet talk with best of them now if necessary.

Other than the first couple of days this week, you will find it much easier to stay in your comfort zone, Cancer. Things are looking up in the romance department too. Single Cancers may meet someone interesting at a gathering of peers and like-minded individuals.

You are walking tall and feeling feisty, Leo. Take care not to let this go to your head though or you could start taking shots from all sides. Keep your eye peeled for new and exciting career opportunities and burnish that resumé.

Your ability to absorb and assimilate new information is excellent now, Virgo, especially if you let yourself go with your initial impressions. Ordinarily you aren’t prone to exaggeration but you may be tempted to do so this week. Best stick with the facts.

The first couple of days of this week will probably be the most hectic for you, Libra, between meeting personal obligations and dealing with your partner’s demands. After that, you may want to contemplate what’s REALLY important to you and discard the rest.

Ordinarily you can do ‘invisible’ with the best of them, Scorpio, but why waste a great time to draw everyone’s attention to you! This is particularly true regarding your career. Let yourself shine at work and set the stage for a big advance.

It’s what is going on behind the scenes in your life that holds the potential for improving your life, Sagittarius. Sit on things for now and continue to put your best foot forward at work. Friday and Saturday are your best play days.

Networking with peers and like-minded individuals are your best bets for making positive change happen in your life, Capricorn. Take care to put out fires in your professional life the first part of the week, so you can take some time off on the weekend..

Please do your best to keep your partner in the loop right now, Aquarius. You know how important it is to make the most of exciting possibilities regarding your long term goals but you’ll hear about it if you ignore your partner’s needs.

This is a lovely time for you to contemplate the mysteries of Life, Pisces. You may also enjoy sitting down with friends from distant lands, spiritual teachers and others who inspire you to see beyond your immediate environment. Travel if you can.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D


New Moon in Scorpio, October 26, 2011

© Timhesterphotography | Dreamstime.com

We will have opportunities on this New Moon at 3° 39′ Scorpio on 26 October 2011, 12:56 PM PDT to remember why Scorpio deals with rebirth and regeneration rather the darker side of life often associated with the eighth sign of the zodiac. Please recall the many wonderful healers and caregivers born with Scorpio prominent in their charts also.

Jupiter in fecund Taurus sits opposite the New Moon and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Capricorn adds richness and diversity via a supportive sextile. This is a very fruitful time to develop new ideas and set plans into motion though it might be awhile before these new seeds start to sprout. The more care you take setting your priorities and making sure you have everything you need to see your project through to fruition the better. We’re talking Capricorn and Taurus who both keep a VERY close eye on the bottom line and Scorpio is no slouch in that department either.

How do we determine what we value – the tangible or intangible? If tangible, does it have to do with monetary value? We may have the perfect opportunity to explore this area on this New Moon with its combination of a preponderance of fixed signs and planets in earth and water signs. In general, the trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn comes down firmly on the tangible side and this is no bad thing. We need to make sure basic needs are met before haring off to save the world or retreat from it altogether in a search for inner peace and harmony. A little healthy pragmatism is very much in keeping with the Scorpio New Moon and Mercury conjoined Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio tends to be very clear about only fighting battles it can win . . . unlike Aries, the Don Quixote of the zodiac. :D

Something else to keep in mind is the futility of persuading others to change their opinions right now though with Mars in flamboyant Leo squaring the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, we’ll probably make the attempt anyway. I’m just saying it will likely be a complete waste of time, energy and money because minds are made up and that’s that! Furthermore Saturn in Libra is exactly semi-sextile Mercury-Venus causing people to see their position as the most fair and equitable one. Like I said . . . waste of time.

Speaking of Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio, this pairing will withdraw rather than confront. If it was aggressive Mars conjunct Mercury, you would probably have a fight on your hands but that’s not Venus’s style, she is receptive rather assertive. Scorpio is noted for pulling their energy back when irritated with someone so be prepared for plenty of “no comments” or people flat disappearing when confronted. Strive to be kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental in your communications for best results.

Mars in Leo does have support from a sextile to Saturn in Libra. What this suggests to me is people will respond favorably to those who trot out their best manners and play by the rules. No pushing, shoving or swearing to get your way allowed. The most effective plan of action will take into account what each individual has to offer and utilize that as fairly as possible.

Uranus in Aries does have a say in what happens on this New Moon, mostly by being an irritant. Whether that will be productive or simply annoying is up to the individuals involved. Neptune in Aquarius is sitting this one out, all to the good in my opinion because there will be less confusion.

As long as we allow others to have their opinions, this New Moon is one of the most pleasant we’ve had in quite awhile. It is perfect for generating ideas and putting together plans for long term projects as well as learning about patience and delayed gratification. The art of non-verbal communication is another skill this is a wonderful time to practice and very much needed when so many use texting instead of meeting face to face.

Celebrate the rebirth of possibilities and Life!

On a personal note: I get the full effect of the Mars in Leo square Mercury-Venus in Scorpio because the latter conjoins my natal Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. I have a choice between going with Mars and using the knife or withdrawing my energy and input altogether. Or perhaps using a combination . . . meh.

The New Moon is within a few degrees of my twelfth house Jupiter in Scorpio with Jupiter in Taurus opposing natal Jupiter from the sixth house. Looks like I will be reviewing my best options of how I may best serve others whilst simultaneously making sure my needs are met. Finding a healthy balance here is essential for accomplishing what I need to do in the months ahead. With Pluto in Capricorn in my second house continuing to pare away the non-essentials, hopefully there will a breakthrough regarding income and financial concerns in general. One of the key components for serving others is to be able to free up the resources to do so. If every scrap of time and energy is going to keep food on the table and a roof over one’s head, it is very hard to help others isn’t it? Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about these days.


Libra Weekly Horoscopes – October 17, 2011

© Diane Lang

We will be dealing less with big picture stuff and more with the ups and downs of our daily lives over the course of the week. Those adrenaline addicts among us will feel let down but for most folks living ordinary lives, this will come as a welcome break. I know I’m looking forward to it!

This week opens with Mercury in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus and closes with the Sun leaving fair minded, airy Libra for the mysterious depths of watery Scorpio. Expect hype and lots of it from the Mercury-Jupiter opposition. The loud noise will be coming from Jupiter due to the skeptical looks he’s getting from Mercury in crafty Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio can be a very hard “sell” because it is one of the best at reading between the lines.

Cardinal signs everywhere (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) can relax some because even though the Moon in Cancer will be tweaked by the Libra planets, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, it will do so one at a time. Besides, Venus and Mercury are now both in Scorpio and simpatico with the sensitive Cancer Moon. Consequently your beloved Cancer family members and friends will be perking up and feeling less touchy! :D

There is an ethereal, romantic trine between the Sun in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius on 21 October. Get out your rose colored glasses and call your lover to set up a time to enjoy a little harmless fantasy interlude.

On Sunday, October 23, 2011 the Sun slips into Scorpio, joining Mercury and Venus. Where I live this change often marks the end of the beauties of autumn when the leaves begin to fall, baring the bones of the trees to an ever more wintery sky. It also means Halloween is just around the corner when the things that go bump in the night come out to play!

If you’re lucky, Aries, you will have an opportunity to consider what to do with some extra income this week. One thing you will have to deal with is home and family concerns. Ignoring those could put you in the dog house. LOL

Once you get an idea firmly planted in your head, Taurus, you can be tempted to convince others your way is the best way to go. Selling this to your partner, whether business or personal, will be challenging. Call it a draw if necessary.

It can be unsettling for someone who lives in their head as much as you do, Gemini, to realize you are tempted to go with your instincts now. It will work out fine! Friday is a wonderful day to spend time with your sweetheart.

The first half of the week may make you a little crabby, Cancer, but nothing compared to the past month or so. Take it easy and pamper yourself with a soothing bath. Hints of love and romance are in the air for you.

Business matters take priority the first of the week for you, Leo. Romance will be on your mind this weekend and Friday is by far and away the best time to either meet someone new or have a romantic date with your lover..

Your ability to size up the opposition is working quite well right now, Virgo. Not much gets by you normally and right now it’s as if you have x-ray vision. This trend will continue for awhile yet. A very pleasant weekend ahead for you too. Enjoy!

You will be able to go about your business feeling less burdened this week, Libra. After a rather hectic start, you may even feel like socializing some! Though by the weekend, time to yourself might look good. Kick back and relax.

Be gentle with your partner when you start dissecting their big plans, Scorpio. Work on giving them constructive criticism rather than being cutting and sarcastic. Some time alone on the weekend will revive you as a certain amount of solitude always does.

Talking to a health professional might be the best way to figure out the steps you need to take to improve your overall health, Sagittarius. How to do so and still live within your budget is all part of your master plan.

As long as you remember to keep your significant other in the loop, Capricorn, you will be fine. Discussing your hopes and dreams with them will increase the possibility of turning those into realities. Stay open to all sorts of possibilities, no matter how odd they sound.

Dealing with coworker’s moods, coming up with new ideas for advancing your career and still finding time for your partner is all part of the mix this week, Aquarius. Devote the first of the week to your coworkers and take time for your partner and yourself the latter part.

A very creative solution for keeping in touch with all of your friends and family may come to you now, Pisces. You may even be able to work out a way to finance it with a little help from someone who prefers to work behind the scenes.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D