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Playful Gemini Moon Day


The Moon leaves Taurus for bright, friendly Gemini first thing this morning and adds a touch more air to the sky. As the day progresses a touch of exaggeration creeps in when the Moon squares Jupiter in Virgo and then Neptune in Pisces starting mid-afternoon. While this is fine in a social setting, if you ...

Grumpy Taurus Moon Today

storm moving in

Yesterday's genial, relaxed Taurus Moon is less evident today when the Moon squares Mars in Leo first thing this morning. A midday Moon-Chiron sextile promotes forgiveness and understanding which is important because letting go of old grievances is seldom easy for fixed signs. Another influence today is an inconjunct between Mercury in Libra and Neptune ...

Amiable Taurus Moon Is Here

Taurus by Susan Seddons Boulet

Keep your approach simple, straightforward and solidly based in reality today because that's what will please the Taurus Moon. A slowly unfolding Grand Trine in earth occurs over the next day between the Taurus Moon, Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. By the way, being pushy will get you nowhere with this stubborn Moon in ...

Unstable Aries Moon Day

Uranus in Aries sq Pluto in Capricorn

During the night the Aries Moon went dancing with Venus and Mars in Leo. Any lingering sweetness will be dispelled when the Moon conjoins Uranus during the morning, a galvanizing event. After that the Moon goes void-of-course until very, very early Wednesday morning. Last minute changes in plans or direction are possible, so brush off ...

Aries Moon + Sun opposite Neptune = Confusion


Fresh start to a new week with an Aries Moon providing an energy boost though figuring out exactly where to go with all this enthusiasm could be the challenge. Not having the correct information may prove problematic (Moon inconjunct Sun-Jupiter in Virgo) plus a Sun-Neptune opposition adds its own brand of confusion. Sticking with what ...