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New Moon in Leo, July 26, 2014

Leo New Moon

Bring on the fireworks and celebrate this magnificent New Moon at 03° 52' Leo on 26 July 2014, 03:42 PM PDT! Jupiter in Leo sits smugly side by side with the luminaries adding to the general gloriousness of the occasion . . . at least according to him. Other may take exception with this attitude ...

Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 21, 2014


When the Sun strolls into Leo on Tuesday, July 22, arm in arm with Jupiter in Leo, everyone will feel the heat! Just what all you fire signs have been waiting for to re-energize you and inspire you once more. For more sensitive types this may be a very noisy, over-the-top event, so brace your ...

Venus in Cancer, Handle with Care


Venus will be leaving flirty Gemini this Friday, July 18, for the soothing waters of Cancer where she is far more sensitive to emotional undercurrents. In fact, Venus in Cancer ought to come with a warning label: Handle with care, bruises easily. Thoughtful, loving and kind, this gentle Venus can surprise you at times. After all ...

Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 14, 2014


Warning! We have transitions ahead this week. The biggest one is Jupiter leaving the kindly waters of Cancer for the brilliant fires of Leo on Wednesday. Jupiter spends approximately a year in each sign and unlike last year where it was aligned with Saturn in Scorpio, this year it will join forces with Uranus in ...

Jupiter in Leo, Mr. Go Big or Go Home


Action, camera, lights!! Jupiter in Leo is poised to make his dramatic entrance next Wednesday, July 16, and fire sign folk will be rejoicing everywhere! It might not have been all that long since Jupiter left fiery Aries (June 2011), it only seems that way to weary fire signs. This past year when Jupiter has ...