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Roadblocks Ahead. Sun opposite Saturn Today


Between a void-of-course Cancer Moon until late afternoon and a Sun-Saturn opposition this evening, our plans for today may come to nothing. Your camping trip might get rained out or someone you need to get feedback from NOW may be unavailable. People could promise something they know they won't be able to deliver too. Yup! ...

Cancer Moon collides with Pluto & Uranus Today


Good news today is the Sun arrives in airy Gemini, joining Mercury and Mars bringing much needed detachment. Bad news is the Cancer Moon and Venus are under fire from Pluto which does not bode well for intimate relationships. Obsessive, demanding behaviors create deep wells of resentment after all. Follow Gemini's lead and lighten up, ...

Taurus Sun + Cancer Moon=Domestic Bliss

down on the farm

Today's Cancer Moon sails thru the sky with only one minor hiccup in the form of an inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius midday. It's a good day to tend to family concerns. Call your mom or bake some cookies for your children. :-) This is also the final day of the Sun's stay in Taurus. ...

Gemini Moon Day – Talk It Out

Gemini Fairy by Sandra Macdougall

All in all today is not so bad. We need to respect the limitations imposed by Mercury at a standstill of course - no distracted driving please or expecting communications to work perfectly. The Gemini Moon goes void-of-course midday following a sextile to Uranus in Aries, the perfect aspect for innovative solutions. Air and fire ...

Gemini Moon + Mercury Rx = Frustration


Mercury in Gemini stationing retrograde today takes the shine of the usually cheerful Gemini Moon. Furthermore Saturn will oppose the Moon early, Mars conjoins it midday and Neptune squares the Moon this evening. Devices like smart phones could be especially frustrating to use. Take a deep breath or three, be prepared to wait and practice ...