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Free Spirited Aquarius Moon Day


The Aquarius Moon dances through the day to the beat of her own drummer. A sextile to Aquarius's ruler, Uranus, during the morning only intensifies the need to do our own thing. What may create some dissonance today is a conjunction between Mercury and the North Node in Libra. Libra values cooperation and compromise, something ...

Air returns with Mercury in Libra + Aquarius Moon


Good news, everyone! Air returns to the sky! The Moon arrived in Aquarius during the night and Mercury will leave Virgo for Libra this morning. The presence of planets in air allow a natural sense of perspective to emerge and a hint or two of rational thinking to kick in again. The Aquarius Moon runs ...

Let’s Get To Work!


We are blessed with two excellent aspects today: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio. Both are wonderful for getting our daily routines sorted out and working smoothly. The Capricorn Moon's routine is disturbed by Uranus in Aries this morning but once that's over, the atmosphere settles back down. ...

Solidly Productive Capricorn Moon Arrives Today


No nonsense Capricorn Moon joins the Virgo Sun, Mercury and Jupiter plus Pluto in Capricorn to bring us firmly back to earth today and tomorrow. Big, complex projects become manageable as long as we don't get ahead of ourselves. A mid-day Moon-Neptune sextile introduces some much needed compassion into the mix with the only problematic ...

Sagittarius Moon Riding High Today


We have one more day with the Moon in exuberant Sagittarius and an early morning trine to Uranus in Aries may lead to irrational exuberance. Late in the day the Moon squares Mercury in Virgo, creating an abundance of ever changing opinions. Hang on for the ride! The shift from fixed to mutable is quite noticeable ...