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Plenty of Gemini Moon Fun Today 11-26-2015

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Enjoy the mutable show today! The Gemini Moon is running about, leaping from idea to idea. Rumors and theories abound with occasional gems of brilliance though recognizing those will be the trick. Today is the day the Saturn-Neptune square is exact at 7° too. Have fun and save the serious stuff for another time. Here in ...

Giddy Gemini Full Moon Today 11-25-2015


Once the Moon dances into Gemini mid-morning and heads towards the Full Moon this afternoon, a giddiness enters the atmosphere. Much of this has to do with Gemini's ruler, Mercury, being caught up in the Saturn-Neptune square. Put serious decision making on hold until next week if you can because the information flying around now ...

Taurus Moon says “be patient” 11-24-2015

Mist rising

Today's sky is all about taking it slow and steady. Placid Taurus Moon harmonizes with Pluto in Cappy in the morning and Jupiter in Virgo this evening. A variety of other aspects back this up: An enervating Mars-Neptune inconjunct slows us down, Mercury conjoins Saturn and squares Neptune creating confusion. Travel plans in particular could ...

Don’t push the Taurus Moon please . . . 11-23-2015


Once the Moon ambles into Taurus this morning, the sense of urgency begins to diminish for some while others are driven to keep dashing about. This dissonance may cause grumpiness. Adding to this is an opposition between gentle Venus in Libra and adventurous Uranus in Aries. Be kind rather than rash in your relationships. Mars ...

Week of November 23, 2015


The story line this week is the Gemini Full Moon on Wednesday because all the aspects this week are contained within it. Since I’m running wildly short of time, I’m going to suggest you read the Full Moon in Gemini post for a more in depth discussions of those aspects! Here is a general outline ...