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Sharp Transition from Aries Moon to Taurus Moon Today


At last we arrive at the Aries New Moon which can be considered the true beginning of the astrological new year. If you are a stickler for launching new ventures under a New Moon, there is a two and half hour window before the Moon enters Taurus. The drawback is the Moon is also void-of-course ...

Fiery Aries Moon + Mars square Jupiter


Last big burst of fiery energy today with the Aries Moon leading the way. The Moon is trine Jupiter in Leo early and conjoins Uranus late with a square to Pluto in Cappy in between. Adding to the potential for drama is Mars in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo. What all of this looks like ...

Moon leaves Pisces for fiery Aries today + Pluto Stations Rx


This looks like one of those days when the Universe is giving us mixed messages which often results in feeling stressed. Pisces Moon drifts along void-of-course much of the day before blasting into Aries this afternoon, while Mercury in Taurus forms an uneasy inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius and today's the day Pluto stations retrograde! ...

Swimming with the Pisces Moon Today


An introspective energy seeps in today along with the Pisces Moon. We are also in the process of adjusting the difference between having Mercury in highly charged Aries and matter of fact Taurus. Saturn opposing Venus has taken the wind out of her sails for the moment too. Additionally we are in the Balsamic Phase ...

Moon transitions from Aquarius to Pisces + Venus opp Saturn


Distinct change between morning and evening today. Aquarius Moon sextile the Aries Sun and Mercury get our mental gears up and running this morning plus blessing us with a nice degree of objectivity. Once the Moon slides into watery Pisces, how we feel gains influence and when Mercury leaves Aries for placid Taurus, thought processes ...