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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 1, 2014


Two changes happen this week I feel are going to be very welcome. The first is Mercury leaving meticulous Virgo for tactful airy Libra on September 1-2 bringing some much needed air to the sky. We haven’t had any planets in air except the Moon since Mars left Libra for Scorpio on July 25 and ...

Venus transitions from Leo to Virgo


On Friday, September 5, Venus’s wild ride in fiery Leo comes to an end and she goes on a much needed retreat in earthy Virgo. What started out on a high note when Venus conjoined Jupiter in Leo went sour when she ran into Mars and Saturn in Scorpio early this week. Venus is resilient ...

Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 25, 2014


The New Moon in Virgo on Monday lets us know Leo Season is over for another year and it’s time to embrace a new reality with very different priorities. For the next week it would behoove us to use the rule, K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid), as a guideline. Clean, efficient, practical offerings are the ...

New Moon in Virgo, August 25, 2014


Usually a Virgo New Moon is an excellent time to sit down and get organized. However this New Moon at 02° 19' Virgo on 25 August 2014, 07:13 Am PDT, has Neptune in Pisces opposing it and consequently may be less focused than usual! Choose where you want to set your New Moon intentions with ...

Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 18, 2014

transition time (1)

Like it or not, the Leo party is winding down and the Virgo cleanup crew are standing at the door waiting to get started. The change in the guard started when Mercury entered Virgo late last week and our thinking became better grounded in the real world. Virgo is nothing if not keen on being ...