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Moon leaves fiery Leo for calm Virgo late today

Virgo by_losenko-d5ctg6j

Today the Leo Moon goes void-of-course in the morning after squaring Mercury in Taurus. Now might be a good time to remember the effects of lunar aspects tend to be short lived. If someone says something that upsets you, let it go and move on. This evening quiet returns with the arrival of the no ...

Week of April 27, 2015

Celebrating Taurus

On the whole this week seems reasonably calm and that is in keeping with the Taurus Sun’s preferences, especially the first half of the week. One significant change in store this week and that is Mercury returning to its home sign of Gemini on Thursday! We are all blessed by Taurus Sun-Neptune in Pisces sextile on ...

Enjoyable Leo Moon Day


Creative, upbeat energy today as the Leo Moon connects with Jupiter and a lively Venus-Uranus sextile. Social activities appeal for a change and those looking to meet someone special may succeed. Share some laughs and good food. To be sure there are a few bumps, one in the afternoon when the Moon is inconjunct controlling ...

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 3, 2015


There is no better time to celebrate the mysteries and dive into the sweet darkness with joyful abandon than the Full Moon in Scorpio. This year this Full Moon at 13° 23' Scorpio falls on 3 May 2015, 8:42 PDT and creates a very tight T-Square with dramatic Jupiter in Leo. Joyful abandon indeed! There is ...

No Worries! The Moon is now in Leo!

leo__by_ansimeone-d5jfxeu 372

Leo Moon says embrace your inner child today and play! If you do have weekend chores to do, get those out the way early when the Moon is trine responsible Saturn. The more indolent side of Leo comes out later. Be aware people aren't going to be feeling very flexible when it comes to making ...