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Aquarius Moon says Happy Independence Day

Uranus in Aries sq Pluto in Capricorn

Today's Aquarius Moon is eager to host gatherings of like-minded people. A sextile to Uranus in Aries and an opposition to Jupiter in Leo this evening may turn those into spontaneous parties. For those celebrating the Fourth of July, this looks like the perfect sky to do so. Have fun out there! Note: Timing is averaged ...

Aquarius Moon Brings Clear Thinking


Now that the Moon has arrived in Aquarius, we have a couple of days where our thinking will be less affected by our emotions than usual. Not only that but Mercury in Gemini is nicely sextile Mr. Optimist himself, Jupiter in Leo. Use this window of opportunity wisely, people, to set up the framework for ...

Capricorn Moon has the “grumpies” today


Brisk, no nonsense version of the Capricorn Moon is back at work today and being interrupted by Mercury, Uranus and the Leo duo may bring out the grumpies. Best solution is to do our jobs with patience and persistence today. Save play time until the weekend! Mercury in Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries today, ...

Capricorn Moon Keeps It Real . . . for the most part

Capricorn, the sea goat

The euphoria of Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo is operating at full force today which can manifest as blind optimism. Thankfully the Moon is now in Capricorn with all Capricorn's natural pragmatism working to keep things real. Today is the powerful Full Moon in Capricorn with all its little quirks. A gentle, flowing trine between the ...

Sagittarius Moon Creates Grand Trine Extravaganza


A movable feast of a Grand Trine in fire today lights up our hearts and minds. The Sagittarius Moon is the key player as it connects Uranus in Aries and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo. Sure, it is possible we may overreach but this is one of those times when it won't hurt to ask ...