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Here are all the posts from my blog, Neith on Synastry, collected in one place. Enjoy!

Where Did She Go?!

Diane L : April 10, 2008 9:11 am : NeithonSynastry Posts, synastry

I have decided to post all new synastry articles on our new website, Real Astrologers, in the interest of maintaining my sanity and to avoid being scattered all over the astro-blogosphere. Also gathered up and organized my posts from this blog there in Neith’s Kitchen.

Today I posted on Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi, his wife of almost 34 years (they were married June ’75). Even with only his birth time to work with as hers was not available, the astrology of their relationship affirms why their marriage has endured in the world of marriage go ‘round, Hollywood. When I was writing my post on Charlton Heston I discovered he and his wife were married in 1944 until his death last week. Both Charlton Heston and Patrick Swayze had/have Saturn on the Ascendant and in the first house – just a thought!

I also found this comment from Steve Judd on Saturn/Venus aspects and have to say as a person with Saturn trine Venus natally, it’s right on target.

Venus/Saturn contacts are often misunderstood, being thought of as inhibiting or restricting both financial and romantic opportunities. This seems to be the case in the first half of life (sorry!), but brings more than adequate payback in the second. Most Saturn/Venus people spend the second half of their lives in one long term permanent and contented relationship, the first forty years is finding out what they don’t want. And their financial status generally improves as they age, because despite fiscal challenges when younger, as they mature so a re-evaluation occurs which leads to a more structured approach to money. They get clearer and clearer in issues of worth and value as they age.

Come on over and explore our new website! I am looking for people who interested in having me write a post on their relationship again. Of course, I will abide by my usual confidentiality rules and post no personal information. Please use this contact information to reach me: email Neith


Evolution of a Family’s Synastry

Diane L : March 11, 2008 9:02 am : NeithonSynastry Posts, synastry

Thinking over the comments generated by the photo of me with my granddaughter, I realized this would be a good opportunity to take a look at the synastry of my immediate family. As is the case in many families today, this was a second marriage for my husband (my only marriage). He had two daughters from his first and it’s thanks to his older daughter I’m a grandmother. Having no children of my own, I see this as a great blessing in my life. The astrology of this extended family is very interesting . . . well, at least to other astrologers. ::grin::

For starters, both my stepdaughter’s have Gemini Suns within a few degrees of my Uranus in Gemini, the older one has Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini on either side of my North Node in Gemini, and the younger daughter’s Mercury is conjunct my Vertex in Cancer. Both young women have Libra rising and Pluto in Libra, and in both cases those conjunct my Moon/Neptune. What I see as the frosting on this particular cake is the way all our Nodes are aspected in the synastry: the oldest daughter’s North Node in Libra falls on the mid-point between my Sun and Moon, the younger daughter’s North Node in Virgo conjuncts my Midheaven along with her Saturn in Virgo and the aforementioned aspect to my North Node in Gemini above. For three people who never met before their father and I got together, that’s quite a selection of powerful synastry aspects! In other words, this is a good example of bonds that transcend blood relationships. When I take into account my natal Moon/Neptune is in my 11th house (where their Pluto’s/Ascendants fall) it is a good illustration of how we are a prototype of an Aquarian notion of family.

Then we come to the synastry aspects between the grandparents and the grand baby! She has strong Nodal aspects with both of us. Her Ascendant is exactly conjunct my North Node, her North Node/Uranus conjunction falls on my IC and her Sun is exactly conjunct her granddad’s North Node in Pisces. Talk about all of us helping each other learn about our North Nodes through love. As those of you who read my posts know, I’m always reluctant to use the “karma” word but I can’t help but feel we have been given a huge blessing in the form of a darling little one and all the aspects to the Nodes does hint at good karma.

Her Vertex is conjunct my Jupiter in Scorpio and from the first moment I held her I was a goner. Saturn plays a role here too. For one thing Saturn is in Leo in my chart, her mothers and hers. Yes, three generations of Saturn in Leo, how about that?! My Saturn/Pluto conjuncts her IC and her Saturn squares my Mars/Mercury and is sextile the midpoint between my Sun and Moon.

All this illustrates what I feel in my heart . . . even though this little one is not related to me by blood she is my granddaughter in every way that counts. She is a gift I thought never to have and am very, very grateful for – a not so small magic!


A Watery Mix – Two Moon Children

Diane L : March 7, 2008 9:28 am : NeithonSynastry Posts, synastry

Another astrologer sent me these two charts to get a second opinion on her relationship with another Cancer Sun. Interestingly these two both have their Suns at 16° Cancer, even though they were born several years apart. She did not have an exact birth time for him but believes he has Scorpio Rising and most likely has Moon in Aries conjunct Mars. I’m guessing they are both pretty powerful individuals in their own right because she has her Moon (Cancer’s ruler) in the first house conjunct Pluto and he his Scorpio/Aries influences.

What really jumped out at me looking at their synastry were three sets of intra-aspects (same planets from both charts in aspect) involving Saturn, suggesting this relationship will have legs. They have Sun/Saturn, Mars/Saturn and Venus/Saturn intra-aspects between their charts. His Saturn also squares her Moon/Pluto conjunction too. He is a fair amount older, often a factor where Saturn plays a major role in synastry.

Jupiter is in Libra in both charts conjuncting his North Node. Since he has a T-square with his Sun at the apex with Jupiter and Mars in opposition, this means her Sun is also squared by his Mars/Jupiter. I beginning to believe there is a mix of passion, generosity and a certain over-the-top quality to their interactions, not to mention drama?! With a Sun square Jupiter intra-aspect combining the warmth of the Sun with Jupiter’s ability to amplify they probably know how to have a good time or love a good debate. I believe Stephen Arroyo would call this Sun/Jupiter combo “over stimulating” . . . ::grin::

With her Moon/Pluto conjunction in Virgo inconjunct his possible Moon/Mars in Aries conjunction, sharing living quarters could get interesting especially for two Cancer Suns. Meticulous earthy Virgo does not have a lot in common with fiery Aries and if his Mars is indeed conjunct his Moon, patience will not likely be his long suit. In fact, this is one relationship where separate dwellings may save the day. Another synastry aspect adding a measure of challenge to their day-to-day relationship is a close square between their Mar’s. Having Mars square by sign (and in this case, by degree) says they have very different styles of taking action and will most likely find attempting to work on joint projects very irritating. On the other hand, her Venus in Leo is pleasantly sextile to his Venus in Gemini, an indication they have similar ideas of enjoyment.

As I was not given much information about the nature of their relationship, it’s difficult to speculate further but since we are talking Cardinal signs here with lots of Saturn in their synastry, they may find the challenges inherent in this relationship add interest. A real plus in their synastry is her Mercury conjunct his Sun providing a vital communication link between them. It has always surprised me to how often Cancer Sun people end up in lasting relationships with very challenging synastry aspects.

This is the Two of Cups from the Lover’s Path tarot deck. For two water signs I felt the suit of Cups appropriate and having one cup full and the other spilled for what the astrology indicates is a rather tumultuous relationship! :-)

Two of Cups, Lover’s Path deck © 2007 Kris Waldherr Art and Words. All rights reserved. www.artandwords.com.


Synastry between Sisters, a Family Matter

Diane L : February 27, 2008 1:25 pm : NeithonSynastry Posts, synastry

The older sister wrote to me wondering if the two of them could regain some of the closeness they enjoyed when they were younger. These two sisters have a lot going on between their charts and a lot of parallels too. I’m going to start with the parallels and then move to the synastry.

For starters, they both have Scorpio Rising, so I looked to see what Mars and Pluto were doing in the individual charts and found several interesting things. They both have Pluto square Mercury, strong minded types here! And they both have Mars in aspect to Pluto with the older sister’s Pluto sextile her Mars/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius, and the younger one’s Mars semi-sextile Pluto. What this suggests is if they do have differences, and they are both sure they are correct, they could spend YEARS arguing the same points! Oh yes, their Mercury’s are in opposition by Sign – Capricorn vs. Cancer. They both have their Suns in aspect to Pluto too. The younger sister is a Gemini Sun trine Pluto in Libra and the older has Sagittarius Sun sextile Pluto in Libra. One last aspect they both share is Mars/Sun, one square and the other conjunct.

I see both of these women as feisty, very strong minded and tenacious as all get out and I’m betting they have a healthy respect for each other too. It’s a curious thing when Scorpio/Pluto types meet, circle around one another and decide if they are going to fight to the death or respect each other’s differences and take on the world as a team. To get an idea about the case here I looked at the synastry between their charts.

We find their Suns complement each other and the ruler of the older sister’s Sun, Jupiter, is sextile Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, in her Gemini sister’s chart – a very positive exchange. The opposition between the Suns affirms the sense of being a team too. They have three sets of intra-aspects (same planets/both charts) drawing them together including either Pluto or Mars. A contentious set of Mercury square Pluto’s, an invigorating one with Mars aspecting Mercury and one to sustain their bond with Saturn aspecting Mars.

Other assorted synastry aspects include the younger sibling’s Mars/Saturn conjunction setting on her older sis’s Moon in Virgo for durability, the younger sib’s Uranus conjunct her sister’s Ascendant and sextile her Moon to give some zip, and said Virgo Moon square the Gemini sister’s Sun for some sisterly nagging. And last but least is the Neptune/Sun/Mars grouping in Sagittarius – gentle, forgiving, psychic and subtle.

The feeling I got working with these charts is this: no matter how much time or distance comes between these two, if need arises they will come and stand by the other. I have noticed my own relationships with my sisters reviving now as we grow older and children are grown and have lives of their own. All relationships have natural cycles of closeness and distance but these two sisters are so nestled in each other’s hearts in the long run neither time nor distance will be an issue.

This is the Three of Cups from the Hanson Roberts tarot deck and is a lovely card for the expression of warmth and friendship.


A Fiery Duo – Independent Leo Lady & Aries Man

Diane L : February 20, 2008 10:43 am : NeithonSynastry Posts, synastry

One look at this Leo lady’s chart and it’s obvious she is someone to be reckoned with . . . Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo and Scorpio Rising. She is in a relationship with an Aries man and wishes to make it last. Her independent nature is underlined by Uranus in Scorpio (Rising sign) squaring her Sun (Leo’s ruler). I am going to take a quick look at how her Sun and Mars are aspected in her chart because those two planets rule her Ascendant and her Sun sign.

Since we’re talking Leo here, I’ll look at the aspects to her Sun first. It comes as no surprise to find the closest aspect to her Sun is a sextile from her Mars in Gemini, adding to her abundant energy. And the next closest is a sextile from Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio – underlining the theme of this being a very forceful individual. A trine from Neptune in Sagittarius located in her first house lends a measure of elusive charm and softens the edges of her Sun/Uranus square. This adds up to a woman who needs a partner who is capable of appreciating her strong and decisive nature while allowing her lots of latitude.

Her Mars falls in her 7th House and is trine to Pluto and opposed by Neptune. Often a planet in the 7th represents the type of person we are attracted too, and with Mars there, an Aries is a natural choice. With Neptune involved, I anticipate a certain romanticism and illusive quality projected on potential partners too. Mars in Gemini squares her Mercury in Virgo located in the 10th house, so her mind is very keen and penetrating.

For the most part their synastry is OK using the shorthand method – Sun/Moon in Leo and Sun in Aries semi-sextile Moon in Pisces, Mercury’s complement one another, Moons possibly inconjunct which may mean sharing a home could have its awkward moments and their chemistry from Mars to Venus is so so. However there are good parallels: Both have Fire Suns, their Venuses are sextile as are their Mars, off setting some of the other aspects.

To me the most fascinating synastry aspect involves his Venus conjuncting her Taurus Descendant. Venus in his chart is dynamically aspected by all the outer planets, in fact Venus is far more heavily aspected than his Aries Sun! His Venus is the focus of a Yod with inconjuncts to Pluto sextile Neptune and opposed by Uranus falling roughly at the midpoint between Pluto and Neptune. Saturn in Virgo is trine his Venus. Without an accurate birth time for him, we don’t know where Venus falls in his chart but I’m betting it’s some place significant. In essence, this suggests to me in this particular relationship, he will be the yielding Venusian partner bringing subtlety and richness to their interactions as a couple. Her Saturn is square to his Venus adding the possibility of durability here.

A couple of other synastry aspects of importance are his Uranus conjunct her Ascendant – instant attraction – and his North Node in Leo/Mars in Leo conjunct her mid-heaven. Both have a lot to do with the attractive draw between these two and a certain fated quality.

Will this be a lasting relationship for them? Well, she is past her Saturn Return and he’s coming up on his within the next year and that’s a plus. If they are both comfortable with her being the assertive partner, then I see a good outcome here. Best wishes to the two of them!

This is The Sun card from the Lover’s Path tarot deck. I choose it because the Sun is Leo’s ruler but this particular card seemed to fit in other ways too . . . ::grin::

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