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Reluctantly I have decided not to take on any new work until Autumn. Between my father’s illness and the usual demands on my time and energy during the growing season, there is not enough of me to go around. :-( Thank you for your understanding . . .

In a time when more and more online astrologers are adopting the practice of personalizing computer generated reports, I remain committed to offering my clients reports written completely by me for a very reasonable price.

Compatibility Reports

“Heart of the Matter” Synastry Report – US$70 *new rate

So many times we want to get a quick but deep overview of either a relationship we are in or one we are considering taking to the next step.

This report includes a brief look at either your chart or your partners from a relationship perspective, comparison of the personal planets by sign, the intra-aspects and other important synastry aspects and a synopsis. A list of aspects, both intra-aspects and synastry aspects, is included at the end of the report.

The intent is to give someone the core information they need on their relationship from as unbiased a point of view as possible hopefully enabling to decide where they wish to go with it. Length 5-6 pages.

“Compatibility Essentials” Synastry Report – US $45*new rate

This report is designed to provide enough essential information from an astrological perspective to help you decide the nature of the relationship, whether or not you wish to invest more time and energy into pursuing it and a glimpse into the relationship factors in the individual natal charts.

To keep the cost of Compatibility Essentials down, I regretfully will only respond briefly to one set of your questions. If you are interested in learning more, then I will be happy to apply the cost of this report ($45) to my longer synastry report, “Heart of the Matter”. As with any astrology consult, you will get better feedback if you can provide accurate birth data for all parties: birth date, birth time, birth place and for calculating a composite chart, the location of you and the other person met. Length 1-2 pages.

General Reports

Natal Report – US$70*new rate

Exploring your natal chart with an eye to the patterns revealing your modus operandi in this life. Our natal charts almost always have one or more major themes and understanding those give us insight into why we respond the way we do.

Please provide your birth date, time and place. A birth certificate is the best source and usually the most accurate. Any and all information you are willing to share with me would be most appreciated and will contribute to the quality of your report. Length 6-7 pages.

Quick Question Report – US$60 *new rate

This report gives targeted feedback on one issue you are dealing with. You can ask about your natal chart, synastry with another or a transit.

It is a great way to learn more about how astrology works in your life. For instance, clients have asked me about whether their relationship would lead to marriage, what to expect during a Pluto transit to a personal planet and how a certain natal aspect works.

Contact me if you wish more information on this report. Any information you are willing to share will help me greatly. Thank you . . . Length 2-3 pages.

Solar Return Report – US$50*new rate

The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the day and time your Sun returns to the exact degree it was when you were born and reflect the trends coming for the next year. This chart adds another layer of information to that derived from transits to your natal chart. The blog post “What’s up with Solar Returns?” offers more information on this yearly chart.

I will need both your complete birth data (date, time and birth place) and where you will be on your birthday as that location will determine the chart wheel for your Solar Return chart. Please remember I am happy to answer at least one set of questions you may have after reading your report. Length 2-3 pages.


I can send an invoice from PayPal when your report is ready for delivery. Thanks!

Please keep in mind I write all my own reports and that takes time – several days to a couple of weeks depending on my work load.

I am open to negotiating when it comes to costs so feel free to bring that up if you wish.

To contact me, please use the following form.  There is now an email address using my domain name making it easier for me to keep track of inquiries and requests for consults, so my response will be from libraseekingbalance.com. Please add my email address to your address book to avoid my response to your inquiry being rejected by your server. Thanks!

*If the form isn’t working, please leave a comment on a recent post for me and I will fix it. Thanks!

Sharing your birth data will help me provide better quality feedback.

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